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History of our strains

In this new category we will discuss the history of our marijuana strains, explaining their development and which are the genetic improvements of each variety. Our team, with its breeding work, strives to create quality cannabis seeds for Philosopher’s clients, so they can choose from the seed lines that we offer.

Philosopher seeds is proud to keep and share with its customers and friends its marijuana genetic collection since the 90’s, something that would not have been possible without the task of the cannabis pioneers, who brought marijuana to our medicinal gardens. Our team was wondering about which would be the two most important genetics in the dutch scene, and concluded that these two genetics would probably be White Widow and AK-47

For this reason, in this post we will tell you a few things about one of our automatic cannabis strains, White Yoda Auto, an autoflowering hybrid of White Russian from Serious Seeds, that is the result of crossing these two renowned strains, producing a compact and robust hybrid, ready to harvest in 60 days. Serious Seeds, with Simon – creator of the famous AK-47 – leading the project, used a compact and fast-flowering White Widow as one of the parentals to create White Russian.

Exuberant blooming of White Yoda Auto

Exuberant blooming of White Yoda Auto

Shantibaba is often considered the creator of White Widow – when he was working at Green House Seeds – although it seems that the real breeder of this strain was Ingemar, a dutch grower who, back in 1987, named it Arnhem’s Wonder (1989 High Life Cup champion)


Philosopher seeds’ breeding team keeps a wide cannabis genetic reserve, with a great number of varieties with different characteristics that we use in our breeding lines. After a thorough selection work, we can finally offer these marijuana strains in our seed catalog. In this case we introduce you Fraggle Skunk Auto , an autoflowering hybrid of great size and huge production. For this breeding line we have used a renowned parental, Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds (Skunk#1 x Afgani), which is a selection that our team made during the late 90’s for its high yields and particular taste and aroma, reminiscent of acid strawberries and pretty unusual in Skunk strains.

Main cola detail of Fraggle Skunk Auto

The creation of Skunk dates back to the 60’s, thanks to the efforts and selection work of californian pioneers, who were dedicated to breeding several cannabis strains. The first hybrids between Sativa and Indica cannabis plants were made during those years, offering high potency plants with very peculiar smells and tastes, pretty different from mexican, colombian, thai or even afghani landraces. In 1969 the Bay Arena collective received a crossing between Columbian Gold and Afghani – named Skunk – from the hands of a renowned grower called “Jingles”. Sam Skunkman – who was a member of the Bay Arena collective – is often considered the creator of this famous strain, although as we have seen, things are not exactly like this.
p dir=”ltr”>Here you have the history of the Skunk strain from one of his closest colleagues. From that moment, the legend of this variety started to forge.


Philosopher seeds has been created as a group of growers who share cannabis genetics and develop new ones, improving the botanical traits of some of the classic marijuana varieties as well as creating new hybrids of excellent quality.  In this post we will explain the origins of Cheesy Auto marijuana , how it was developed and which are its main features regarding its growing, psychoactivity and organoleptic characteristics.

La marihuana Cheesy Auto en plena floración

Cheesy Auto marijuana during flowering

This strain has been created from the renowned U.K. Cheese elite clone – from the anti-prohibitionist collective “Exodus”, from the United Kingdom – and thanks to the efforts of many growers and friends that collaborate with us, and, of course, to the work done by our breeding team. This genetics was selected during the late 80’s/early 90’s. The members of the collective who selected this internationally known cutting claim that it came from a pack of Skunk#1 seeds from Sensi Seeds, explaining that it was selected because of the unique and strange scent of its flowers, very intense and distinctive. Being surprised by its resemblance with a concentrated food essence which smelled like “blue cheese”, this clone was soon named as “Cheese”. This term quikly spread to name any cannabis strain with an intense scent, what caused great confussion among the marijuana community, specially for those growers who were looking for the original U.K. Cheese cutting


We think that making a series of posts about the development of our marijuana strains is the best way for you to know everything about them; their development, the selection criteria and their main genetic characteristics. In this first post we will speak about our  aromatic cannabis strain Orange Candy. With these posts we want to deepen the created descriptions to improve and extend the information on these strains.

Detail of Orange Candy during flowering

Detail of Orange Candy during flowering

As mentioned in the catalog’s description, our Golo Line breeding team used a plant called Naran J to create Naranchup. We have grown Naran J for over a decade, and many growers from our zone have also grown cuttings of it, a prove that this is a great cannabis strain. It results from crossing New York City Diesel with Morning Glory. Firstly, we wanted to improve its bud density, and secondly we thought that, while being delicious, we could improve the overall taste of this strain, making it more lasting.

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