Sobre a Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds is a cannabis seed bank whose history dates back to the late 90's, created by people passionate about cannabis Sativa genetics. In 2008 the company joined the cannabis market with the aim of sharing with other cannabis enthusiasts the collection and genetic preservation of this wonderful plant.

Over the years Philosopher Seeds has established a close relationship with other seed banks such as Reggae Seeds or OSC Collective. They have contributed with their genetics and knowledge in the development of new varieties, thus expanding our seeds catalogue.

Philosopher Seeds catalogue presents regular and feminised seeds, both photo-dependent and auto-flowering. Different varieties that cover certainly all the tastes, offering a selection of the best and most sought-after cannabis Sativa strains:

  • From classic genetics like Easy Haze or Early Maroc, or new US genetics developed with Purple Punch, Zkittlez and Wifi #43 crosses.
  • Chemotypes with a broad spectrum CBD:THC ratio like Pure CBD Punch (1:24 ratio) and well balanced strains like Fruity Jack ( 2:1 ratio), awarded 1st prize in the CBD category at the 2018 Spannabis Champions Cup.
  • Varieties with organoleptic characteristics and assorted flavours: citric, earthy, sweet, diesel, fruity, floral, incense...

Everything is ready to enjoy the Philosopher Seeds experience.

(+34) 972 099 409
(+34) 972 099 409