Aficionado French Connection

Aficionado French Connection

Here we present the seed bank Aficionado French Connection, which has its origins in the city of Mendocino, California, USA, and which has now settled in Europe with its French Connection offshoot to offer cannabis growers from the old continent the chance to discover the best North American genetics developed in Mendocino.

AFC thus comes from the fusion between Aficionado Estates, the seed bank created by the American breeder Leo Stone and the work of the European breeder Professor Q, settled in Mendocino in the Emerald Triangle, an area very famous for its outdoor cannabis production, benefiting from an ideal climate to grow premium weed. Awarded with more than 16 prizes at the Emerald Cup and many other trophies in Cannabis Cup competitions in the United States and Europe, Aficionado French Connection is a bank with a great reputation, also thanks to its association with the king of hashish, Frenchy Cannoli.

Working with cutting edge genetics like Zkittlez, Black Lime Reserve, Long Valley Reserve, Forbbiden Fruit, Magnum Opus, Purple Punch, In The Pines, Pinot Noir, but also rare lines thought to be extinct such as Skunk 1974, Aficionado French Connection offers top quality cannabis strains, characterised by their outstanding resin production and their exotic, exquisite and unique terpene profiles.


Bellini, relaxing cannabis with liquorice and peach flavours. [...]

  • 10 семена (Распродано)145.00€


Faberger, purple buds with high THC content, citric papaya and caramel flavours. [...]

  • 12 семена290.00€


Hyperion, purple buds and a relaxing effect with sorbet caramel and perfume terpenes. [...]

  • 10 семена (Распродано)145.00€


Velatello, sweet aromas, strong effect and blue tinged buds. [...]

  • 10 семена (Распродано)145.00€


Tentazione, apple pie and ice cream terpenes, THC level of 32%. [...]

  • 12 семена (Распродано)345.00€


Portofino, a joyful and relaxing cannabis strain with petrol and wine flavours. [...]

  • 12 семена245.00€


Bigaradine, cannabis with great extraction yields and overripe fruit aromas. [...]

  • 12 семена220.00€


Regular seeds in Limited Edition THC level of 28% Beautifully coloured plant Sweet and creamy ice-cream terpenes with minty Cookies flavours Great hashish production Invictus, Limited Edition cannabis, (Runtz x Pianono) x Ivory Breath Invic [...]

  • 12 семена245.00€

Kum Zuat

A feminised strain perfect for extractions, with a fruity and sweet Kumquat flavour. [...]

  • 10 семена (Распродано)145.00€


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