Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion


Critical Orange Punch - Dutch Passion

Critical Orange Punch Genetics Easy cultivation High production Ready in just 7-8 weeks Strong flavour and uplifting effects Dutch Passion presents their Critical Orange Punch, a next generation hybrid that combines three classics of the [...]

  • 3 семян16.95€ 11.85€
  • 5 семян24.95€ 16.20€
  • 10 семян39.95€ 23.95€

Auto Lemon Zkittle - Dutch Passion

Auto Lemon Zkittle Genetics Auto Lemon Zkittle by Dutch Passion is an innovative and spectacular autoflowering strain, and the result of crossing the prestigious Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with the not less popular Zkittlez, a strain that has revolutioni [...]

  • 3 семени44.95€ 35.95€
  • 7 семян89.95€ 71.95€
  • 100 семян749.00€ 711.50€

Auto Critical Orange Punch - Dutch Passion

Auto Critical Orange Punch Genetics Great Performance Easy to grow autoflowering Citrus, skunk and earthy flavour Long lasting effect Dutch Passion introduces its first auto with Critical genes with this impressive hybrid, the result of [...]

  • 3 семени16.95€ 8.45€
  • 7 семян34.95€ 26.20€
  • 100 семян (Распродано)299.00€

Orange Bud - Dutch Passion

Orange Bud Genetics An 80's classic Resistant to pests Flowering time of 8 weeks Distinct fruity Skunk taste Since its inception in the early 80's, Orange Bud by Dutch Passion has become a true classic in the world of cannabis cultivatio [...]

  • 3 семени29.95€ 23.95€
  • 5 семян44.95€ 31.45€
  • 10 семян74.95€ 63.70€
  • 100 семян (Распродано)489.00€

Mazar - Dutch Passion

Mazar Genetics Higher production than g/w Ready by the end of September Powerful narcotic high Ideal for beginners Mazar by Dutch Passion is a legendary weed and a cross between the popular Skunk and a powerful and tasty Afghan specimen [...]

  • 3 семян34.95€ 24.45€
  • 5 seeds (Распродано)52.95€ 39.70€
  • 10 seeds84.95€ 55.20€

Blueberry - Dutch Passion

Blueberry Genetics Compact and very aromatic flowers Higher production than g/w 9 weeks of flowering Cerebral and relaxing high Blueberry by Dutch Passion is a feminized marijuana plant created in USA in the late 70's by the breeder Dj [...]

  • 3 семян34.95€ 27.95€
  • 5 seeds52.95€ 42.35€
  • 10 seeds84.95€ 67.95€

White Widow - Dutch Passion

White Widow Genetics Without a doubt, when we think of cannabis seeds that have become legends, there is one that always comes to everybody´s mind: White Widow. Derived from a hybrid created from Indian and Brazilian genes, this strain revolut [...]

  • 3 семени34.95€ 24.45€
  • 5 семян52.95€ 42.35€
  • 10 семян84.95€ 72.20€


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