Big Bud Auto

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Big Bud Auto Genetics

  • Whole life-cycle of 8-9 weeks
  • Physical and relaxing effect
  • Perfect for SOG
  • Large compact flowers

The autoflowering and feminized version of one of the 90’s most influential genetics for the cannabis hybrids in today's market. Big Bud is known for its generous yields and fast flowering times, and it also offers a rich and intense aroma.

With 80% of Indica genes, Big Bud Auto develops large and very compact buds with great amounts of resin, ideal for lovers of baking goods.

Cultivation of Big Bud Auto

The flowering period will start after Big Bud Auto develops 7 to 9 leaves. You can harvest the plant after a whole life-cycle of only 7-9 weeks. Big Bud does not develop many secondary branches, and concentrates its entire production on the main central branch. Taking this into account, and adding the fact that this auto has a very short vegetative period, it would be advisable leaving it untrained.

You might need some kind of support to hold the weight of the buds. Sensi Seed's Big Bud Auto is not suited for high-moisture environments, as it could develop mildew.

One of the most productive AutoFem strains in Europe

Big Bud needs no introduction. XXL buds from autoflowering and feminized seeds, with all the power of the original.

Big Bud Auto Taste and Effects

A cross between an Afghani and a Skunk, it offers sweet and spicy flavours on an earthy and herbal bakground. Big Bud develops intense aromas and flavours that don't go unnoticed.

The effects are very relaxing for the muscles and the body, perfect for unwinding after a day of work or a work-out session. Its Skunk heritage produces a slight mental stimulation that allows you to converse and interact with friends.

СвойстваBig Bud Auto

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