Product merchandising Philosopher Seeds

For us, Philosopher Seeds means passion, it means great cannabis and a happy, sustainable lifestyle, full of enthusiasm and positive creative energy.

Philosopher Seeds, passion for cannabis.

We try to infuse both our work and our day to day existence with these values because we believe that life is for living and for sharing.

For this reason, we've designed a line of merchandise that represents these ideals as much as possible so that when your friends see it, they will know what it's all about and want to join the ranks of cannabis lovers.

Live cannabis to the full with the Philosopher Seeds merchandise.

We've got everything a smoker might need, from grinders made of recycled plastic from the zip baggies used by Amsterdam coffee shops to package their cannabis, to with organic cotton t-shirts with designs celebrating our classic cannabis varieties like Early Gorilla or Lemon OG Candy, alongside many more accessories, to ensure you won't want for anything.

We want you to be proud of believing in us and showing your support as much as we want you to enjoy our genetics, and for this reason we've put a great deal of love and care into our merchandising.

Let's grow and be happy!


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