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Mimosa x White Widow

Citric terpenes. 5-star resin
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  • Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genetics: (Clementine x Purple Punch) x White Widow
  • Aroma and flavour: Citric orange/sweet tangerine
  • Effects: Relaxing, pleasant and balanced
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid
  • Flowering: 55-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Indoor yield: over 500g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: up to 1kg per plant in open ground

We present Mimosa x White Widow, a cross between genetics of great recognition by the cannabis community. This hybrid results in grateful and easy to grow plants, fast, productive and with citric orange and sweet tangerine terpenes that will delight both beginners and experienced growers. Certainly, a variety that always surprises.

  • Indica/Sativa hybrid
  • Easy to cultivate
  • Compact flowers with a great bag appeal
  • Relaxing, pleasant and balanced effect
  • Citric and sweet orange/tangerine flavours
  • Suitable for extractions

Mimosa x White Widow, marijuana with sweet terpenes

Mimosa is a cross between Clementine x Purple Punch, a hybrid with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics with very citric and sweet orange and tangerine flavours inherited from Tangie, Clementine's parent.

We can get an idea of this genetics' taste by its name. Clementine is a citric fruit resulting from the hybridisation between an orange and a tangerine.

Mimosa tends to show mostly purple colours due to the Purple Punch influence, which also strengthens the glandular system by providing a large amount of resin. This resin offers highly desirable characteristics for extractors who are fascinated by the results and production using dry hash and iceolator. Extractions that maintain the citric aromas.

Mimosa x White Widow, compact flowers with relaxing effects

Philosopher Seeds team has chosen this wonderful Mimosa specimen with beautiful colours and terpenes, crossing it with its White Widow stallion coming from the Dutch Old School, a strain kept for years due to its qualities to develop new crosses. Mimosa and White Widow crosses result in a very stable descendant with a much more robust shape providing a better structure in the specimens, shortening the internode distance and increasing the calyx to leaf ratio, making it much easier to manicure and manage.

Mimosa x White Widow maintains Mimosa's essence but with better morphological and cultivation features, with more compact flowers and a shorter flowering period while increasing yields. Its effects are relaxing both in mental and physical levels, it is an ideal variety for outdoor activities, spending the day with friends or relaxing alone with a good book. Initially the effects are active and cheerful until they stabilise, leading to a mental and physical relaxation. It is recommended to use carbon filters indoors because of its strong odour.

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