Blue Dream Matic

Blue Dream Matic
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  • Type: AutoFem marijuana seeds
  • Genetics: Blue Dream Auto
  • Genotype: 75% Sativa/25% Indica
  • Taste and aroma: Pine, cedar, earthy, sweet, red berries
  • Effect: Euphoric, happy, muscle relaxant
  • Complete life cycle: 9-11 weeks
  • Height: 110cm
  • Production: 300gr/plant
  • THC: Very high
  • CBD: Low

Blue Dream Matic Genetics

Fast Buds presents their autoflowering version of the famous Blue Dream, a Sativa hybrid highly sought-after for its medicinal effect, as well as its complex and sweet flavour. Blue Dream Matic combines a generous and fast flowering with a strong Sativa high and a floral and fruity aroma.

  • Highly productive autoflowering strain
  • Complex and intense flavour
  • Sativa-dominant automatic hybrid
  • Up to 300g/plant

Cultivation of Blue Dream Matic

A 75% Sativa hybrid, Blue Dream Matic grows vigorously and responds well to pruning, forming large colas and producing up to 300gr per plant in soil. It has a whole life cycle of 9-11 weeks, from germination to harvest. Depending on the growing conditions and the phenotype obtained, the fastest plants will be ready after 9 weeks of flowering, while its maximum cultivation cycle is 11 weeks.

Blue Dream in autoflowering format Blue Dream Matic allows you to enjoy the legendary American strain Blue Dream in a feminized and autoflowering format.

Resistant to pests, diseases and other adverse conditions, Blue Dream Matic is easy to grow and always delivers good results for all types of growers.

Taste and Effects

The buds of Blue Dream Matic by Fast Bud get covered with a thick layer of sticky resin which makes this weed an excellent option to make marijuana concentrates. The organoleptic profile consists of a sweet and earthy base with pine, cedar and red berries notes.

Blue Dream Matic's high is a combination of a happy feeling of euphoria that helps fighting fatigue and anxiety, and a physical touch of muscular relaxation that eases the pain.

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