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We are living in formidable times for cannabis growers. Today we can find a range of varieties the like of which we've never seen before, with flavours and characteristics for all tastes, but also with highly varied concentrations of cannabinoids.

Of course, we're talking about the different types of cannabis seeds available on the market, regular, feminised, photoperiod-sensitive or auto-flowering genetics, but also varieties with high concentrations of THC or, at the other extreme, those with considerable levels of CBD.

All the benefits of CBD without the effects of THC!

With the appearance of the first CBD-rich genetics, created by famous breeders such as Jimmy from Reggae Seeds or Shantibaba with the CBD Crew, it didn't take long before we could take advantage of strains with high CBD levels, but in most cases with levels close to 1: 1, in other words, genetics that develop both CBD and THC in equal quantities.

Since the beginning of the commercial cannabis seeds business, the genetics with high concentrations in THC have been always the most popular, but now, with the appearance of CBD-rich varieties, some consumers are specifically looking for this type of seeds, with high levels of CBD and almost no trace of THC and therefore of psychoactive effect.

Why grow low-THC genetics?

CBD is the second most important cannabinoid in the cannabis plant in terms of concentration, after THC. Present in the resin developed by the plant, CBD has been the subject of many scientific studies demonstrating its huge therapeutic potential.

CBD allows users the benefits of the anti-inflammatory and calming properties of cannabis without having to experience the psychoactive effects brought on by THC. These genetics are generally preferred by patients who wish to take advantage of the medicinal effects of cannabis, without losing control or feeling "high".

Here you will find our varieties with very low THC levels.



Pure CBG, seeds of a variety with citric and sweet taste with a low THC level and a high CBG concentration. [...]

  • 1 семя9.50€ 7.10€
  • 3 семена28.00€ 22.40€
  • 5 семена45.00€ 38.25€
  • 25 семена190.00€ 180.50€


Genetics Philosopher Seeds presents the Pure CBD variety Pure CBD Punch, with less than 0.3% THC and CBD levels of up to 15% (1:24 THC:CBD ratio). This variety was created by crossing a special selection of Session chosen after an intense breeding [...]

  • 1 семя9.50€ 7.10€
  • 3 семени28.00€ 22.40€
  • 5 семени45.00€ 40.50€
  • 25 семени190.00€ 180.50€


Genetics Now available in the Philosopher Seeds catalogue, we present CBD Rich Candy, a Pure CBD variety with less than 1% THC and CBD levels of between 13% and 23%. This hybrid was created using individual selections of Session and Dancehall with [...]

  • 1 семя9.50€ 5.70€
  • 3 семени28.00€ 16.80€
  • 5 семени45.00€ 27.00€
  • 25 семени190.00€ 180.50€


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