Moby Dick - Silent Seeds

Moby Dick - Silent Seeds
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  • Very easy to grow
  • Huge yields
  • Christmas tree structure
  • Great initial high followed by physical relaxation


Now on sale at Philosopher Seeds, the original version of Moby Dick from Silent Seeds. This bank, after working with Dinafem for 20 years, has taken uo where they left off. In its catalogue we can find some of the most popular original genetics, such as Critical + 2.0 or White Widow, all made using the original Dinafem clones.

In this case, Moby Dick is a cross of the famous Haze and a White Widow. This hybrid was created to increase the density and shorten the flowering period of Haze using a variety that does not alter the taste or potency, and White Widow is ideal for this purpose.

Moby Dick Cultivation

Its cultivation is one of the reasons for the popularity of Moby Dick and is because it is one of the easiest to gorw on the market, delivering insane yields, with huge colas and heaps of resin.

Easy cultivation is very simple to say, but difficult to argue. However, this variety has all the characteristics that are needed for trouble-free cultivation, such as resistance to adverse conditions (changes in climate, humidity, etc.) or henormousuge vegetative vigour in its development, both of the main stem and of the its secondary branches.

Indoors, Moby Dick will achieve its maximum potential if the grow space is well-managed with just a few plants. The cultivation method that will get the most out of this variety is SCROG, especially if you apply some low stress training (LST), since all the branches and corners of the plant will be able to develop much better. The yield is very good, being able to achieve 650 g/m2 in 60-70 days.

Outdoors, yields are going to increase drastically, since Moby Dick is going to develop much bigger in size. Its lateral branches will gain more prominence, and as a consequence the flowers on them too. Plants usually reach up to 250 cm in height, and it's not uncommon for some to exceed 3m. All these attributes make it become a worthy Christmas tree with the star in the shape of a bud, what else could you ask for!

Outdoor yield can easily reach 1500g per plant when planted diredtly in the soil, and the perfect time for harvesting is mid/late October.

Moby Dick flavours and effects

It seems that this plant has no weaknesses, since, in addition to what has been said about cultivation, Moby Dick could still compete perfectly in cannabis cups even though 15 years have passed since its creation.

The terpene profile is broad, as it combines citrus, incense and pine notes with spicy, even metallic nuances. The sativa-dominant effect offers a great initial high that, as the effect develops, leads to physical relaxation.

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