Pink Pound Cake

Tropical flavour, vanilla and sweets with a relaxing effect

Pink Pound Cake

Tropical flavour, vanilla and sweets with a relaxing effect

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  • Génétique: London Pound Cake #75 x Pink Runtz
  • Génotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Saveur et odeur: Fruits tropicaux, vanille et bonbons acidulés
  • Effet: Puissant et relaxant
  • Floraison en intérieur: 8-10 semaines
  • Floraison en extérieur: Octobre
  • Rendement en intérieur: Élevée
  • Récolte en extérieur: Élevée
  • Teneur en THC: Supérieure à 25%
  • Tropical fruit, vanilla and sour sweet flavours
  • Beautiful colouring
  • Relaxing effect
  • High THC level

Pink Pound Cake, London Pound Cake #75 x Pink Runtz

Pink Pound Cake is a new variety developed by Universally Seeded, a cross between London Pound Cake and Pink Runtz. The result is a plant with intense and sweet aromas of tropical fruit, vanilla, berries and sweets. This variety presents a high cannabinoids level that offers a strong high.

Pink Pound Cake belongs to the Universally Seeded Pink Runtz line. It is a strain with an uncertain history and right now its origin is an enigma. However, most experts clearly believe that it comes from a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato as it shows a strong and distinct terpene. This cannabis variety is in high demand in US dispensaries for its strong tropical fruit flavour and sugary sour aftertaste. Pink Runtz offers at the end of flowering very colourful colorations with an interesting stimulating effect.

London Pound Cake #75 is the other parental, with a Sherbert terpenes profile and a high THC concentration, with a strong relaxing effect. Its development is attributed to the Cookies creator (Cookies Fam), with strong aromas that take us to a field of sweet berries with vanilla and a very sour touch. It is a very fast plant with a high growth vigour, being advisable not to exceed the vegetative period indoors. It offers very good yields.

Pink Pound Cake, sweet cannabis with tropical flavours

Pink Pound Cake has a great sweetness with tropical flavours, vanilla, berries and Pink Runtz sour sweets that blend perfectly with the London Pound Cake's Sherbert aromas. Most of the plants, in low temperature conditions in late flowering, show beautiful colourations that make them even more appetising. The harvest is ready for most phenotypes in about 60 days on a 12/12 photoperiod. Outdoors, the harvest is ready in October, where it can reach a great size and a high yield.

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