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Cheese x Purple Punch

The best Skunk ever created

Cheese x Purple Punch

The best Skunk ever created

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Cheese x Purple Punch info:

  • Genetics: Cheese x Purple Punch
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid
  • Taste and smell: Blueberry muffins, candies, grapes, cured cheese, exotic herbal skunk
  • Flowering: 60 days
  • Harvest outdoors: Early October
  • Production: 500 g/m2
  • THC: High

Cheese x Purple Punch

Now available in the range of Limited Edition feminized seeds from Philosopher Seeds: Cheese x Purple Punch.

This hybrid combines the productivity and robust structure of Exodus Cheese with the resin production, aroma and effect of Purple Punch, resulting in an impressive plant in every way.

Cheese x Purple Punch genetics

The Exodus Cheese clone used as a female is an Old School cultivar selected in the 90s in the UK, famous for its intense and particular cheese aroma, and for its robustness and productivity.

It acquires a slender Sativa structure, with flexible branches, medium internodes and branched appearance, which makes it compatible with both SOG and SCROG systems.

It develops very vigorously, doubling its size when it stretches at the onset of flowering and dealing really well with any pests and variations in nutrient levels, making it very easy to grow.

It matures in 8 weeks, creating a very abundant yield of flowers, reaching 600g per m2 indoors and up to 1kg in outdoor grows, producing buds with swollen calyxes and heaps of bag appeal.

Its aroma is penetrating and Skunky, reminiscent of the mature cured cheese with sweet touches and exotic herbs, resulting in a real delicatessen, especially if we grow it with organic nutrients.

When smoking it or consuming it in a cannabis vaporiser it produces a powerful, balanced effect, which relaxes the body and mind while leaving a smile on your face, helping to eliminate stress and insomnia.

The Purple Punch male used is a hybrid of Grand Daddy Purps and Larry OG (aka Lemon Larry), two of the most popular varieties in the USA.

This imposing Indica grows with abundant branching, is very simple to grow and perfect for growing in SCROG.

Its flowering finishes after 60 days, offering a flower yield of around 450g per m2, producing extremely hard, resinous buds, loaded with cannabinoids.

As for its aroma and flavour, they mix nuances of chocolate cake, candies, blueberry muffins and ripe grapes, proving to be a true gourmet delight when inhaled in a cannabis vaporiser.

The effect is very powerful, both physically and on the cerebral level, deeply relaxing and leaving you happily stuck to the couch, free of insomnia, stress, or pain.

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