Auto Lemon Zkittle

Auto Lemon Zkittle
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  • Genetics: Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Zkittlez
  • Genotype: Ruderalis-indica-sativa
  • Taste and smell: Lemon, Skunk and treats
  • Effects: creativity, euphoria, happinessFull cycle indoors: 70 days
  • Full cycle outdoors: 14 weeks
  • Indoor production: Very high
  • Outdoor production: Very high
  • THC: 21%

Auto Lemon Zkittle Genetics

Auto Lemon Zkittle by Dutch Passion is an innovative and spectacular autoflowering strain, and the result of crossing the prestigious Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with the not less popular Zkittlez, a strain that has revolutionized the cannabis scene in recent times with its intense aroma and flavour totally out of the ordinary. Easy to grow, THC-rich, unique taste… and everything in auto format!

Auto Lemon Zkittle Cultivation

  • Easy to grow and very versatil
  • High THC content
  • Candy taste
  • Long lasting effect

Growing Auto Lemon Zkittle is very easy thanks to its Skunk genes, which make it a real multi-purpose strain suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Due to its strong aroma during flowering, it is advisable to take appropriate action.

This plant grows vigorously and only needs 75 days indoors to complete its life cycle from seed to harvest. Outdoors, it requires more time to properly mature, around 100 days in total. A waiting time that, we assure you, it will be worth it.

We recommend planting this strain in soil outdoors, with as many hours of sunlight as possible. In case you were planning to grow it indoors, a photoperiod with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness will get you the best results, in a pot of more than 11 litres. As with all autos, the more space it has for the roots, the greater the yields.

Auto Lemon Zkittle Taste And Effect

Its strong and lasting aroma is one of the main characteristics of Auto Lemon Zkittle, after all, it's the offspring of two notably fragrant strains. It consists of citrus notes from Lemon Skunk and a flavor clearly influenced by the parent strain Zkittlez, with very pronounced candy nuances.

A scent from another dimension

A cross between two of the most fragrant strains ever created, Skunk and Zkittlez, promising unique and unparalleled aromas and flavors

The effect is euphoric, uplifting and motivating, ideal for creative moments and to enjoy with friends. A small amount is enough to feel its effect for a very a long time, an effect that will put a difficult-to-hide smile on your face.

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