Auto Critical Orange Punch

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Auto Critical Orange Punch Info:

  • Genetics: Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud x Auto Critical Bilbo XXL
  • Genotype: Ruderalis-indica-sativa
  • Taste and smell: Citrus, Skunk, Earthy, Orange
  • Effects: stimulating, energizing, relaxing (in small doses)
  • Full cycle indoors: 70 days
  • Full cycle outdoors: 14 weeks
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High
  • THC: medium

Auto Critical Orange Punch Genetics

  • Great Performance
  • Easy to grow autoflowering
  • Citrus, skunk and earthy flavour
  • Long lasting effect

Dutch Passion introduces its first auto with Critical genes with this impressive hybrid, the result of crossing Orange Punch (Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud) with Auto Critical Bilbo XXL, an automatic version of the famous clone selected in the Basque Country. A genetic that combines power, flavour, and huge yields, all in autoflowering format!

Auto Critical Orange Punch Cultivation

Auto Critical Orange Punch grows with a hybrid structure, developing a main and protruding stem with lots of productive side branches, and it doesn't exceed 1 meter in height, staying at around 70-100cm. Easy to grow and very productive, it's a perfect strain for outdoor and guerrilla cultivation, since it's also naturally resistant to pests and diseases.

After a life cycle of about 70 days from seed to harvest, this strain offers high yields in any set-up, courtesy of Auto Critical Bilbo XXL, a high resin production, and a powerful effect thanks to its mother Orange Punch. This is a strain that combines the best of both parents to offer an explosive result.

A 5 star genetic cocktail

This XXL automatic has been created from true legends, both from Europe and US.

Outdoors, it delivers its full potential planted in soil, where it reaches one meter in height and develops large and aromatic flowers. Indoors, we recommend its germination in its final pot with a minimum capacity of 7 liters. A photoperiod with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness will be the most effective to achieve maximum performance.

Auto Critical Orange Punch Taste And Effect

The flavour of this strain is one of its most prized traits; citrus notes and some distinct hints of Skunk come together over an earthy background reminiscent of the best Afghan hashish. The terpene profile is complex and intense, difficult to forget, and lingers in the tongue for a long time.

As we said above, Auto Critical Orange Punch's powerful effect has been inherited from its parent Orange Punch. Very intense for an auto, the high is pleasant and stimulating, long-lasting, and highly valued by those who already know it. Perfect for daytime use, especially when carrying out any recreational activity.

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