Tropical fruit flavours - easy to cultivate


Tropical fruit flavours - easy to cultivate

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  • Genetics: Runtz x Cement Shoes
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa
  • Aroma and flavour: Tropical fruity, sugary and sour background
  • Effect: Joyful and relaxing high
  • Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering: October
  • Indoor yield: 400g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 500g per plant
  • THC: >20%
  • Easy to cultivate
  • Tropical fruity aromas with a sour and sugary flavour
  • High resin quality to produce concentrates
  • High THC level with a relaxing effect

Kay, Runtz x Cement Shoes

Kay is a strain developed by Universally Seeded, a former Cult Classics Seeds collaborator. It is a feminised hybrid between Runtz and Cement Shoes, two leading US cannabis genetics. Kay maintains Runtz aromas yet offers higher resin production and quality thanks to the Cement Shoes parental contribution.

Kay, tropical flavoured cannabis with a relaxing effect

Runtz has a surprisingly sweet and tropical, very sugary aroma with a sour aftertaste inherited from Zkittlez x Gelato. Runtz buds are in high demand in US dispensaries thanks to its distinct bouquet. It is attributed to the Cookies line (Cookies Fam) developers, with a project supported by artist such as Yung LB, Nick and Ray.

Cement Shoes is the other parental, a cannabis plant well-known by Cult Classic Seeds followers. It's a work based on the acclaimed OGKB line. It is the encounter between Animal Cookies 09 x (OGKB x Wet Dream), famous for its extraordinary effect and magnificent properties for the elaboration of high level concentrates such as hashish, either dry or ice-o-lator.

Kay, easy to cultivate cannabis with a high THC content

Kay is an easy to cultivate cannabis plant that does not require a great deal of experience. It has a good vigour, exuberant flowering, and it is advisable to provide good space for the roots and suitable substrate to obtain optimal development.

Kay is ready to harvest in about 10 weeks after the photoperiod change to 12/12 with a yield easily exceeding 400g per m2. Outdoors, under optimal growing conditions, it can reach a large size and exceed 500g per plant of dry flowers.

It produces buds with a large bag appeal covered with a thick white resin layer that contrasts with the plant's different blue tones.

It produces a powerful effect due to the Cement Shoes influence, with a THC level easily exceeding 20%. It starts with a cheerful and uplifting high that progresses and culminates in a relaxed state. It is ideal for immersing yourself in reading or enjoying nature.

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