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Tahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos

Extremely psychedelic Kush/Cookies hybrid

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  • Genetics: Tahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos
  • Genotype : Indica/Sativa hybrid
  • Flavour & aroma: sweet, earthy, fruity, citric, fuel, exotic hash
  • Flowering: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October
  • Yield: 500g/m2
  • THC: ¿

Tahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos

Now available in the Limited Edition seed range of Philosopher Seeds: Tahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos, an extremely potent cannabis hybrid combining the best of OG and Cookies genetics.

This hybrid was conceived and created to offer a very productive, top quality variety with extremely high THC levels, resulting in an intensely psychoactive experience that is not suitable for occasional consumers.

Without any doubt, this is an extreme Kush hybrid that will satisfy those seeking a powerful high.

Tahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos genetics

The female used in this cross comes from a selection of Tahoe OG (Tahoe OG x OG Kush), a clone from the region located between California and Nevada, known for the lake of the same name, and infamous for the huge amount of cannabis being grown there.

The Tahoe OG clone was selected from large numbers of OG Kush specimens, and was then crossed with a very powerful and very stable OG Kush to obtain a plant that is astoundingly potent and resinous.

It develops in a typical OG Kush style, with plenty of vertical growth, producing flexible but resistant branches with long internodes, making it easy to train to grow as a SCROG or to top the apical point and create a bushy plant.

On the other hand, if it receives a shorter vegetative growth period, it develops a prominent main cola, meaning it can also achieve great results in Sea of Green.

The resulting plants are robust and easy to grow, ready for harvest after about 65 days of flowering and offering a medium-sized flower yield, but one of extremely high quality, with unbelievably dense buds, as well as atruly knockout effect.

The mature buds are round in shape, hard as rocks, and are completely frosted with glistening resin, and are scattered across the tips of all the branches.

The buds have a markedly Kush aroma, earthy, herbal and spicy, with hints of fuel, citrus and exotic hashish, so intense and particular that you’ll be coming back for more.

The effect is extremely potent, as is to be expected from one of the most powerful OG variants ever created. The high is very relaxing and physical, accompanied by a powerful cerebral, psychedelic and humorous buzz that will have you on cloud nine after just a few tokes, glued to the sofa.

The reversed female used as a pollen donor in this hybrid isthe Normal ICMag cut of Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face / Off OG) is a selection of Norcal ICMag Cut from Archive Seeds Bank, mixing Cookies and OGgenetics, highly appreciated for its unique aroma and its massive psychoactive strength.

It develops vigorously, creating sturdy and resilient plants that are very simple to cultivate, and that perform well in both indoor and outdoor gardens, in any substrate and using all cultivation techniques.

Its structure is typical of a hybrid, with abundant branching around a thick main cola, yielding about 450g per m2 of extremely resinous hard, dense flowers, after only 60 days of flowering.

The aromas are very intense, mixing the sweet smell of freshly baked biscuits with nuances of flowers and fruits, accompanied by a high intense psychedelic yet relaxing effect, sinking you into a luxurious and long-lasting trance.

СвойстваTahoe OG x Do-Si-Dos

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