Donny Burger (GMO)

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  • Genetics : GMO x Han Solo Burger
  • Genotype : Indica/Sativa
  • Taste and smell: Chemdog, earthy, stinking
  • Effects : Very powerful, narcotic, introspective
  • Indoor flowering : 9-10 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering : October
  • Indoor performance : High
  • Outdoor performance : High
  • THC content : Very high

Donny Burger is a backcross of the legendary GMO variety, a marijuana variety that should not be trusted due to its high THC content (close to 30%). Donny Burger yields above average with extremely fragrant, large and dense buds with a Chemdog aroma, but with an earthy and sugary component. The Donny Burger Limited Edition seeds from the Philosopher Seeds bank are now available.

Donny Burger, GMO x Han Solo Burger

Donny Burger Limited Edition by Philosopher Seeds is a BX hybrid created from GMO genetics: GMO and Han Solo Burger

GMO is also known as Garlic Cookies or Chem Cookies and was considered one of the best marijuana varieties by the American magazine High Times.

Han Solo Burger is a hybrid of GMO and Larry OG that has managed to approach the 40% thc barrier in cannabinoid analysis.

Donny Burger, extremely potent cannabis

Donny Burger is a marijuana genetics renowned in the most avant-garde circles in the USA, it has a powerful effect thanks to its high THC content and its powerful Chemdog terpene, it is a plant that easily exceeds 25% THC, reaching figure of 30% in many cases with higher than average productions. Donny Burger is one of those marijuana plants that should not be trusted, touching 30% THC can produce very narcotic effects and cancel out any type of thought, but in its fair measure it can be a very sociable and relaxing herb.

Donny Burger, very smelly cannabis

Once cured, Donny Burger's buds give off an exaggerated smell, it is a plant with really obscene terpenes and a great Chemdog predominance, so we must be careful if we carry a small flower in our pocket if we do not want to raise suspicions, its smell is really strong.

Its GMO parent is known for its similarity in aromas with garlic and Boletus, in this case and through the backcrossing earthy reminiscences and humid forest with a sugary Cookies factor also emerge, which make it a marijuana with greater organoleptic appeal and not so dark in terpenes.

Donny Burger cannabis cultivation

Donny Burger is a vigorous hybrid, it grows without much difficulty, so we recommend not giving it a long vegetative period when grown indoors. Once flowering begins, it experiences strong growth (stretching), doubling its height at least. It is not a very gluttonous variety, it prefers light fertilization. With Donny Burger it is easily possible to exceed 500g/m2 of high quality dry flower and a really attractive appearance. Outside with good lighting conditions, if we provide enough space for its roots and a good substrate, it easily exceeds 2 meters in height with truly amazing yields...

Donny Burger appreciates the pruning of lower branches to guarantee aeration, as well as the staking of the main branches, since its flowers experience a great fattening from the last stage of flowering, ending with a large size and high density.

Unlike other varieties of sweet terpenes, Donny Burger when grown in hydroponics or coco does not hide its terpenes, it keeps them active.

Donny Burger, cannabis for extractions

Donny Burger is the favorite plant of many American extractors, it is difficult to find competitors for the hash that is extracted from its gland along with its great return, it is truly an amazing variety that will undoubtedly baffle those who decide to make concentrates with it.

Donny Burger by Philosopher Seeds is a limited edition of seeds, for the moment an unrepeatable cross that will not be in stock for long.

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