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What are CBD:THC ratios and what are their benefits?

With the increased use of cannabis in many countries, the CBD:THC ratio is becoming more important to better understand the potential benefits of different doses of both cannabinoids. Knowing which mix to use for both medicinal and recreational cannabis is challenging, so here's how the CBD:THC ratio works so you can improve the effectiveness of the weed you consume in the future.

The FIM pruning technique and cannabis

FIM pruning or fimming is a pruning technique that allows us to multiply the number of branches of our plants with very little effort so that we can maximise the performance of our garden in an easy way. Today we delve into this curious method and show you how to do it successfully.

Cannabis cultivation for the inherently lazy

Self-cultivation of cannabis is an activity that gives many joys to those who practice it, although sometimes it can be a world due to lack of time or, simply, lack of desire. Today we tell you a series of tricks and aspects of cultivation to take into account so that taking care of your plants takes as little time as possible.

Cannabis liquor and other spirits

THC-infused alcoholic beverages are a creative way to enjoy the effects of both substances. The cannabis market has already set its sights on this type of product, with more and more brands filling this business niche. But anyone can make artisanal cannabis liquor in their own home. Here, we explain how to make it, the effects it produces and the risks that this entails. But always remember to take it responsibly!

CBN (cannabinol): a minor cannabinoid with great potential

For the last few years, CBD has taken the world of health and wellness by storm. However, there is another compound derived from cannabis that could become as popular as CBD, thanks to its ability to help you sleep well. It is CBN, a cannabinoid that offers relaxing and drowsy properties; and it could even become a fountain of eternal youth thanks to its ability to delay the aging of brain cells.

CBG (Cannabigerol): Effect and Properties

Although most users are familiar with the cannabinoids most commonly found in cannabis, such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), there are many similar compounds in this plant. One of these lesser- known cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG); although it does not appear in large quantities in most varieties, it is worth knowing about for several reasons. We explain it to you here.

How to prevent and treat whiteflies

The whitefly is a common pest that gives many growers headaches every year, both because of its high degree of resistance to insecticides and the speed with which it can reproduce. Although it can also be disastrous for cannabis plantations, if we act quickly there are treatments that can effectively solve this annoying problem.

How to make cannabis milk

If you’re familiar with cannabis cooking, you probably already know how to work with THC oil, cannabis butter, or marijuana tinctures. These basic formulas are fantastic in themselves, but cannabis milk goes that little bit further. This is a different type of infusion that can be added to numerous recipes to create amazing dishes. Here we show you how to prepare it!

Debunking the old "Indica vs Sativa" classification of cannabis

Traditionally, we use the names Indica and Sativa either to refer to the structure of a plant or its effect. However, and as cannabis research progresses, this classification seems increasingly outdated, especially given the enormous degree of hybridisation that today's genetics have undergone. Today we will delve into this topic and we will talk about the current trends in terms of cannabis nomenclature.

Philosopher Seeds elite clones

Elite clones or selected clones are plants that stand out above the rest of their sisters, representing the best that can be expected of a particular variety. In this article we will talk about these unique plants, and we will introduce some of the elite clones used to develop our varieties.

Cannabis cultivation and beneficial fungi

A healthy soil full of beneficial microorganisms provides great confidence to every grower. These small allies not only dramatically promote the development of our plants, but also protect them from many pathogens. Here we present some information about the soil microbial life, with particular attention to the role of beneficial fungi and their wonderful association with our plants.

5 varieties for resin extractions and concentrates

Producing high-quality resin concentrates doesn’t just depend on the methods or techniques being used, but also - and in no small way - on the variety of cannabis selected for extraction. In this post we’ll tell you how to take your extracts to the next level by recommending some of our genetics that are guaranteed to help you get there!

The most frequents errors harvesting cannabis

Do you know the cultivation time of the cannabis variety you’re growing? Does the colour of the pistils on cannabis flowers help to show when to chop? What should trichomes look like at harvest time? How and with what do we cut the cannabis plant? We address all these questions directly related to when and how to harvest cannabis plants. Read this article and avoid many of the most common mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when harvesting cannabis.

Guerrilla growing cannabis

Guerrilla growing is, for many, the only way to supply their own cannabis for the entire year, so any mistakes can be very costly. Today we’ll see how to prepare and maintain a guerrilla garden to get the most out of it and get to harvest day without problems. Everything you wanted to know about guerrilla growing!

Frequent first-time errors growing cannabis

When we start out growing cannabis, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available online or in magazines, leaving us with more questions and doubts. Experience will be gained over time by cultivating, but if you avoid some basic mistakes, things will go much better and you’re sure to succeed with your first crops. We’ll tell you more in this post.

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