Purple Sunset Auto

Purple Sunset Auto, sweet and sour cannabis

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  • Genetics: (Sunset Shertbert x Purple Punch) Auto
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa
  • Flavours and aroma: Fruity, sweet, and sour
  • Full cycle: 10 weeks
  • Indoor production: High (400g per m2)
  • Outdoor production: 200g per plant
  • THC: High
  • Sweet and tangy fruity flavours
  • Full cycle 10 weeks
  • Cookies type dense and resinous buds
  • Relaxing and social effect

We are pleased to present Purple Sunset Auto, a new auto-flowering variety. It is a notable plant thanks to the sweet and acidic aromas.

It is based on US genetics and offers a top-quality harvest with fleshy flowers of the Cookies type, and an abundant resin production and intense flavour.

Purple Sunset Auto genetics

Purple Sunset Auto is the encounter between Sunset Sherbert and Purple Punch. It is a plant with a balanced and vigorous behaviour, so it is easy to cultivate and obtain a generous harvest.

Its US heritage is clear in the floral structure, with buds with a large and fleshy calyx and a deliciously exotic sweet and sour aroma.

Purple Sunset Auto cultivation

Purple Sunset Auto is a compact shrubby plant with a medium internodal distance. It can easily reach 1m in height provided with enough root space and optimal growing conditions.

Purple Sunset Auto develops a beautiful, long and thick main cola surrounded by secondary buds developed on the rest of the branches, yet equally dense and fleshy.

Purple Sunset Auto, sweet and sour cannabis

Purple Sunset Auto produces dense flowers with large bracts, very resinous and a fruity, sweet, and tangy terpene profile inherited from Sunset Sherbert.

Purple Sunset Auto presents a complete life cycle of about 10-11 weeks, of which 8 weeks are flowering to grant a generous yield of more than 400g per m2 indoors, and a yield exceeding 150g per plant in open ground.

Purple Sunset Auto, positive and contemplative high

Purple Sunset Auto is a resinous and productive cannabis variety, yet the true strength is its terpene profile, with a complex and powerful aroma.

Its aromas combine exotic ripe fruits and berries notes with a truly tasty and persistent acidic background on the palate.

Purple Sunset Auto effect is balanced, with a positive high that promotes good humour and contemplation, and at the same time very social and long-lasting.

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