Purple Sunset Auto

Purple Sunset Auto
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  • Genetics: (Sunset Shertbert x Purple Punch) Auto
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Flavors and smell: Fruity, sweet and sour
  • Full cycle: 10 weeks
  • Indoor production: High (up to 400 gr/m2)
  • Outdoor production: Up to 200 gr/plant
  • THC: high
  • Sweet and tangy fruity flavors
  • Full cycle 10 weeks
  • Dense and resinous buds of the Cookies type
  • Relaxing and social effect

We are pleased to present Purple Sunset Auto, a new variety belonging to the category of Automatic seeds, Purple Sunset Auto stands out for being a genetic with sweet and acidulous aromas.

Developed from North American genetics , it offers a top quality harvest with fleshy flowers of the Cookies type, abundant resin production and intense flavor .

Purple Sunset Auto Genetics

Purple Sunset Auto comes from the crossing of Sunset Sherbert and Purple Punch , it has a balanced and vigorous behavior, so it is easy to grow and obtain a generous harvest.

Its American heritage is evident in the floral structure, with buds formed by large and fleshy calyxes with a deliciously exotic sweet and sour aroma.

Growing Purple Sunset Auto

Purple Sunset Auto is a compact bush with a medium internodal distance, it can easily reach 1m in height if it has enough root space and good growing parameters.

Purple Sunset Auto forms a beautiful long and thick main cola , surrounded by satellite buds on the rest of the branches, but equally dense and fleshy.

Purple Sunset Auto, sweet and sour marijuana

Purple Sunset Auto produces dense flowers with large bracts, very resinous and a fruity, sweet and tangy terpene profile from Sunset Sherbert.

The complete cultivation cycle of Purple Sunset Auto is from 10 to 11 weeks , of which 8 weeks are flowering to grant a generous harvest of more than 400gr/m2 indoors and more than 150gr in mother soil.

Purple Sunset Auto, positive and contemplative high

Although it is a resinous and productive marijuana variety, the true strength of Purple Sunset Auto is its terpene profile, it gives off a complex and powerful aroma.

Its aromas combine exotic notes of ripe fruits and berries with a truly tasty and persistent acidic background on the palate.

The effect of Purple Sunset Auto is balanced, with a positive high that promotes good humor and contemplation, but at the same time very social and long-lasting.

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