Super Skunk

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  • Genetics: Skunk 1 x Afghani Hashplant
  • Genotype: 80% indica - 20% sativa
  • Taste and smell: Skunk, earthy, spices, citrus
  • Effect: relaxing, soothing, happiness, red eyes
  • Flowering: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High
  • THC: Medium

Super Skunk Genetics

  • High yielding Skunk hybrid
  • Recommended for SCROG and LST
  • 7-8 weeks of flowering
  • Timelong-lasting and relaxing effect

The result of an intensive breeding program never seen before, the Skunk was born several decades ago, and left everyone speechless. After a short time, Sensi Seeds wanted to create a faster and more productive version, a Skunk ideal for indoor growing, and they managed it by crossing Skunk #1 with their original Afghani #1, a strain also used in other hybrids for its extraordinary traits.

Super Skunk Cultivation

The outcome of this combination is an amazing, strong and vigorous plant with numerous lateral branches and the typical hybrid leaves. Its resistance and ease of cultivation make it ideal for both novices and professionals looking for quality, production, and reliability.

Once in bloom, Super Skunk lives up to its name producing enormous buds loaded with an aromatic resin. The strong smell of this weed will require you to have a good odour control systems in place. This strain is extremely versatile, and although it’s designed for indoor cultivation, it offers excellent results outdoors and in greenhouses too.

Afghan and Skunk genes

Improving the original Skunk seemed like a difficult task, but after finding the right Afghan parent strain, Sensi soon created a faster and more productive version of this legend

This strain is ready in just 7-8 weeks, a genuine record for a plant of such quality. The original Skunk #1 outdoor flowering time has been shortened by about two weeks, allowing you to harvest it during the second half of September in Mediterranean climates, and a bit later in more northern regions. Its Afghan side also contributes with a higher resin production.

Super Skunk Taste and Effects

Super Skunk perfectly reflects the intense flavour and powerful aroma of the Skunk genetics; earthy and spicy notes with pungent hints of citrus gently mixed in a real masterpiece for the lovers of strong flavors.

Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, the effect is calming, soothing and long-lasting; but be careful with your eyes, as this weed has a tendency to make them red. The high is perfect to relieve everyday tensions and stress, immersing you in a pleasantly relaxing state you won't want to leave.

Properties of Super Skunk

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