Cream Mandarine XL Auto

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Cream Mandarine XL Auto Genetics

  • XL autoflowering hybrid
  • High production
  • Complete life cycle of 9 weeks
  • Stimulating effect

The XL version of Sweet Seeds' popular Cream Mandarine Auto is now available. With the aim to increase the original’s size and yields, Sweet Seed crossed this strain with an impressive Super Tai'98 clone, providing more vigour and a performance well above average.

Cream Mandarine XL Auto Cultivation

Due to its clear Sativa predominance and vegetative vigour, this 4th generation autoflowering hybrid may need more room than other strains of the same type. The plants easily surpass 1 meter in height, growing to 150cm in optimal conditions. This height allows Cream Mandarine XL Auto to produce yields of around 450-650g/m2 in indoor grows, and up to 300g/plant outdoors.

Once in bloom, the Indica genes inherited from the Cream Caramel Auto’s lineage become apparent. The results are heavy and dense buds loaded with aromatic resin and spreaded all over the plant, which soon will fill the grow room with an intense and distinctive smell.

A new generation of autos

Sweet Seeds' XL versions grow and produce higher than the previous ones, a major step forward in the breeding of this type of autoflowering strains.

Despite containing Thai genes, the flowering time is very short for a strain of these characteristics, with a complete life cycle of around 9 weeks. This is compensated by a more than generous harvest of first class flowers with large amounts of trichomes.

Cream Mandarine XL Auto Taste and Effect

Cream Mandarine XL Auto's flavour is complex and strong, very similar to that of many photoperiod strains. It's a mixture of subtle notes of mandarins with hints of spices and nuts, all of it on a very sweet background.

With a THC content of 18-23%, the effect is almost instant and very obvious, stimulating and compatible with a large number of activities. On the other hand, its Indica side will help you to relax and fight stress.

СвойстваCream Mandarine XL Auto

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