Blackberry Auto

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  • Genetics: Blackberry, Purple Kush, Ruderalis
  • Genotype: Indica hybrid
  • Taste and aroma: Spicy, sweet, fruity, berries, pine
  • Effect: Physically relaxing, medicinal, anti-anxiety, anti-stress, and anti-insomnia
  • Complete life cycle: 8 weeks
  • Height: 70-110cm
  • Production: High
  • THC: Very high
  • CBD: Low

Blackberry Auto Genetics

Blackberry by Fast Bud is characterized by a purple colour, sweet red berries flavour, and a powerful and relaxing effect. An Indica-dominant strain, and a cross of Blackberry and a Purple Kush from Pakistan with a touch of Canadian Ruderalis to pass the ability to flower at any time of the year.

A combination of Blackberry's flavour and colour and the robustness of Purple Kush, this strain offers first choice AutoFem Purple genetics thanks to the simplicity of its cultivation and the quality of its yields.

  • High THC content
  • Fast flowering, high performance
  • Fruity and spicy flavour
  • Intense and long-lasting effect

Cultivation of Blackberry

The genetic make-up of Blackberry by Fast Bud allows this plant to finish its whole life cycle in just 8 weeks from germination, so you can obtain several harvests per year. Resistant and easy to grow, Blackberry can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors, where it produces the best results with an 18/6 photoperiod.

Blackberry Auto, Purple weed with berry flavour

Blackberry’s automatic version offers all the traits of the original, but it's ready in only 8 weeks.

During the flowering time, Fast Bud's Blackberry offers its growers a mesmerizing show, taking on shades from red to lilac and even dark violet, while the buds get covered in trichomes and develop a whitish appearance. Certainly, this strain is perfect for making resin extractions, a trait inherited from the Pakistani Purple Kush line.

Taste and Effects

The aromas and flavours are a combination of spicy and floral notes of pine on a sweet and fruity background, with berries hints that linger in the palate.

Blackberry's effect is one of its best traits, exceptionally intense thanks to its high THC level. It starts out as a euphoric high before settling on a very relaxing phase, relieving stress and pain, and fighting insomnia.

СвойстваBlackberry Auto

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