Glue Gelato Auto

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  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue x Gelato x Auto
  • Genotype: 60% indica 40% sativa
  • Taste and smell: earthy, sweet, chocolate, fruits of the forest
  • Effects: relaxation, euphoria, tranquility
  • Full cycle: 64-70 days
  • Indoor production: 600g/m2
  • Outdoor production:400g/plant
  • THC: High

Glue Gelato Auto Genetics

In recent years, autoflowering strains have become a very popular alternative for many growers. In this case, and thanks to Barney's Farm, we are introducing an awesome automatic hybrid (60% indica - 40% sativa) that combines two high-flyer and very well known by now American genetics: Gorilla Glue and Gelato. A next generation auto that will bring you a lot of joy!

Glue Gelato Auto Cultivation

  • American genes of the highest quality
  • High yielding automatic
  • Large resin production
  • Natural resistance to pests and fungi

Glue Gelato Auto is a strong and resistant plant, as well as fast and productive, a real gem for the grower of autos, who also will be able to enjoy some aromas that are hard to find in other similar genetics. This strain grows vigorously for an auto, easily exceeding 1m in height (100-120cm) outdoors and in soil, and it's very easy to grow.

It has a great natural resistance to pests, such as red spider mites, and fungi, such as the dreaded Botrytis, which makes it an excellent candidate for indoor, outdoor and guerrilla growing. Thanks to its ancestors, Glue Gelato Auto offers very high yields of resinous buds of up to 600g/m2 indoors.

During flowering, it develops a large amount of long pistils and trichomes, which give it a very appetizing look. Its full life-cycle lasts approximately 70 days, rather short for an auto. In cold temperatures, it will develop nice purple shades that enhance even more the appearance of this beautiful lady.

Glue Gelato Auto Taste and Effects

The aroma of Glue Gelato Auto is very appealing and complex, fusing earthy and sweet notes with hints of chocolate and wild berries, a true delight that wins everyone who tries it. A proper drying and curing enable the occurrence of these hues and also enhance their intensity, as well as a 100% organic cultivation.

Automatic hybrid with unique flavour

The cross of Gorilla Glue and Gelato produces a thick and aromatic resin layer that completely covers its flowers. You won't be able to forget its flavour!

Regarding the effect, it leans more towards the indica side, inducing a pleasant - and intense - state of relaxation and tranquillity that lasts for a long time. However, and especially at the beginning, its sativa side manifests itself with a euphoric high of pure happiness.

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