Wine and petrol terpenes with lime


Wine and petrol terpenes with lime

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  • Genetics: (Cherry Noir # 18) x (Black Lime Reserve # 9 x Zkittlez BX1)
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa
  • Flavour and aroma: Red wine, red fruits and gas with lime
  • Effects: Fast and cheerful high with a relaxing end
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering: September/October
  • Indoor yield: 500g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • THC: High
  • Regular seeds in Limited Edition
  • For all types of cultivation
  • Wine, petrol and lime aromas
  • Cheerful and relaxing effect

Portofino: Cherry Noir x Black Lime Reserve

Portofino is a cannabis hybrid created in 2017 by Leo Stone in an intense two years’ work with the aim to obtain Cabernet and petrol aromas. An incredible work with phenotypes that show terpenes of fermented grape juice with chemical and petroleum notes. This variety is a cross between (Cherry Noir #18) X (Black Lime Reserve # 9 x Zkittlez BX1).

Portofino, cannabis for all cultivations

It is a plant with a strong vigorous growth and secondary ramification, very suitable for all types of cultivation, even for greenhouses with less light intensity. Outdoors with the right conditions, the harvest is ready in late September/early October, with a medium to large yield depending on the growing method. Indoors it offers a yield of up to 500g per m2 in about 9 weeks after the photoperiod change, producing buds with strong aromas.

Portofino, for lovers of fruity and gassy cannabis

Portofino is the encounter between two genetic lines, Cherry Noir and Black Lime Reserve. The result is a plant with special flavours of red wine and red fruits, as well as a powerful petrol aroma with lime undertones. It is definitely a perfect strain for lovers of fruity and gassy cannabis.

Portofino, cheerful and joyful effect

Portofino in addition to its high level of terpenes, develops a large amount of cannabinoids. It produces a highly relaxing effect, with a fast and cheerful high that progresses to a state of relaxation and peace of mind.

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