Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds

Since 2006, always at the forefront of cannabis breeding 

Sweet Seeds is a veteran seed bank within the cannabis scene. Founded in 2006 by the Mediterranean sea, it’s one of the first Spanish (and European) seed banks to focus their activity on feminized seeds, which since then have seen their popularity and demand increased.

Since its foundation, with three amazing strains, Sweet Seeds' R&D department hasn't stopped developing new and exciting hybrids with awesome traits, as in the case of the famous Green Poison F1. This way, and with many years of experience behind them, this company’s breeders have become true specialists in the production of large and prolific autos; Cream Mandarine XL Auto and Jack 47 XL Auto are just two examples which offer excellent results and ease of cultivation both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend the following feminized strains by Sweet Seeds, a few specimens that, as a result of their traits and our personal experience, we know they are particularly reliable and profitable for the grower, especially if you’re looking for high yields of the outmost quality in record time.

Sweet Cheese XL Auto

Sweet Cheese XL Auto Genetics Legendary Skunk in auto format Resistance and ease of cultivation Intense and penetrating aroma Ideal for daily use Sweet Cheese Auto is a cross between Fast Bud Auto and Sweet Cheese, two of Sweet Seeds' st [...]

  • 3+1 семени19.90€
  • 5+2 семян33.00€
  • 25 семян100.00€

Jack 47 XL Auto

Jack 47 XL Auto Genetics Sweet Seeds presents the XL version of their Jack 47 Auto, a feminized autoflowering strain and a cross between Jack Herer Auto and an especially selected AK47, a classic of the cannabis world. For the creation of the new Ja [...]

  • 3+1 семени29.90€
  • 5+2 семян48.90€
  • 25 семян100.00€

Red Hot Cookies

Philosopher Seeds presents Red Hot Cookies by Barneys Farm, a surprising variety with its reddish colour and tangerine and mango flavour. [...]

  • 3+1 семена24.00€
  • 5+2 семена40.00€

Big Devil XL Auto

Big Devil XL Auto Genetics Large autoflowering strain Great vigour and yields 20% THC Haze flavour and euphoric effect Big Devil XL is an automatic cannabis strain from Sweet Seeds R&D department. This weed is the offspring of a thir [...]

  • 3+1 семя26.50€
  • 5+2 семян43.90€
  • 25 семян100.00€

Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version

Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version, the Gorilla Girl fastest version, a variety with a great production in just 7 weeks. [...]

  • 3+1 семена26.50€
  • 5+2 семена44.00€

Red Poison Auto

Red Poison Auto Genetics High production of up to 550gr/m2 Complete life cycle of only 8 weeks Psychedelic and cerebral high High resin production Red Poison by Sweet Seeds is an autoflowering plant created through the crossing of the po [...]

  • 3+1 семя22.00€
  • 5+2 seeds37.00€
  • 25 seeds100.00€

Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

Tropicanna Poison F1 FV ensures a production of fleshy reddish flowers flavoured with mango and Skunk, in a much faster flowering cycle than the original. [...]

  • 3+1 семена22.50€
  • 5+2 семена37.50€

Cream Mandarine XL Auto

Cream Mandarine XL Auto Genetics XL autoflowering hybrid High production Complete life cycle of 9 weeks Stimulating effect The XL version of Sweet Seeds' popular Cream Mandarine Auto is now available. With the aim to increase the original&rs [...]

  • 3+1 семени23.90€
  • 5+2 семян39.50€
  • 25 семян100.00€

Green Poison F1 Fast Version

Green Poison F1 Genetics Fast Version Green Poison fast version Very easy to grow 6/7 weeks of flowering High yields Green Poison F1 Fast Version is the quick version of the famous Green Poison, an Indica-dominant Skunk hybrid that has b [...]

  • 3+1 семя22.50€
  • 5+2 семян37.50€
  • 25 семян100.00€

Big Foot

Big Foot Genetics Suitable for both SOG and SCROG High performance Powerful and well-balanced effect Spicy and fruity flavour Big Foot is one of the best-rounded feminized strains from Sweet Seeds’ catalogue, because it's easy to g [...]

  • 3+1 семена24.00€
  • 5+2 seeds40.00€


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