Universally Seeded

Universally Seeded

Tommy is the founder of the seedbank Universally Seeded. After his extensive experience in cultivation for the therapeutic cannabis sector, together with breeding collaborations with Cult Classic Seeds, Tommy presents Universally Seeded. Here he introduces us to the best cannabis strains in the catalogue, the result of intense work in recent years developing plants with enormous resin potential, unusual terpenes and powerful effects.

Tommy belongs to a Californian farming family that goes back several generations. He entered the therapeutic cannabis industry in 2009 as a grower for a medical dispensary, offering strains such as Afghani and SFV OG grown on an acre of land. After this experience, he noticed many similarities between the strains he was growing. Tommy started a new venture with Marcus (Cult Classic Seeds breeder and manager) and together they developed many new strains such as Sour Orange Puckers and Ultra Animal Cookies, a cross with the Xenu male.

Tommy and Marcus developed hybrids with Freshies genetics such as Powder Cakes, Eiffel Tower, Bunny Slope, Freshmaker, Hitmaker, Hullabaloo, Goodloving, Unicorn Sherbert and Wedding Fantasy. In 2018 they started developing feminised seeds starting with one of their flagship strains, Cement Shoes. They worked on over 50 different crosses using elite clones and Cement Shoes as the male.

In 2021 Tommy founded Universally Seeded, his own seedbank. This seedbank presents 3 distinct lines of work based on Cement Shoes, Pink Runtz and Legend OG, in crosses with the best specimens from the collection.

Cement Shoes is a cross between Animal Cookies 09 x (OGKB x Wet Dream). It is a plant notable for its potency, very relaxing and can be very sedative. It presents a good cultivation in spite of its OGKB genetics. It is an ideal parental to combine with other genetics as it contributes with excellent traits to the lineage in terms of quality and resin production. It is a very suitable strain for extractions with a distinctive citric, sour and earthy touch.

Pink Runtz is a variety of somewhat unknown origin, being one of the favourite cannabis plants on the West Coast of the US. It could be a cross between Zkittlez x Gelato or Rainbow Sherbet. It has an extremely strong tropical fruit terpene with a sour and sugary aftertaste. It is only available to a lucky few in the form of cuttings.

Legend OG is a classic strain coming from an OG Kush phenotype. It is a classic with sour and floral terpenes on an earthy background and a powerful effect that can become sedative. It is certainly a very sought after strain in dispensaries for therapeutic users.

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Cement Shoes S1 - Universally Seeded

Plants with great growth vigour Easy to cultivate Citric, sour and earthy flavours Beautiful late flowering colourings Quality extractions with high y [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 80.00€
  • 18 семена (Распродано) 180.00€

Pink Runtz S1 - Universally Seeded

Easy to cultivate plant Tropical fruity aromas with sugary terpenes Beautiful blue and orange tones Buds with great bag appeal Cheerful and relaxing e [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 60.00€

London Shoes - Universally Seeded

Vigorous growth and ramification Sweet grape and vanilla aromas on a sour background Very suitable for extractions as hashish Very powerful and relaxing effect [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 60.00€

Italian Shoes - Universally Seeded

Easy to cultivate Sweet and citric berry aromas with sour and earthy background Beautifully coloured plant Very suitable for all kinds of extractions [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 50.00€

Kay - Universally Seeded

Easy to cultivate Tropical fruity aromas with a sour and sugary flavour High resin quality to produce concentrates High THC level with a relaxing effect [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 50.00€

Minted Shoes - Universally Seeded

Good vigour and structure Cookies minty and Kush terpenes with sour and earthy undertones Strong and very relaxing effect High resin and THC production [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 50.00€

Pink Pound Cake - Universally Seeded

Tropical fruit, vanilla and sour sweet flavours Beautiful colouring Relaxing effect High THC level Pink Pound Cake, London Pound Cake #75 x Pin [...]

  • 6 семена (Распродано) 45.00€
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