White Widow - Silent Seeds

White Widow - Silent Seeds
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  • Huge resin production
  • Mould resistance
  • Bushy structure
  • Better outdoor performance


White Widow by Silent Seeds is an old-school variety that has been used in countless crosses during the '90s and '00s due to the traits of high resin production and hard, compact buds that it transmits to its offspring.

Don't forget that all Silent Seeds genetics are created using the original Dinafem clones, since after working with them for 15 years, they are taking up where DInafem left off.

White Widow Cultivation

Growing of White Widow is very rewarding as great results can be achieved from a simple and fast cultivation. This is due to vigorous growth, both of its central stem and its lateral branches, which means it quickly takes on a bushy structure. Its short internodal distance together with its broad leaves increase the plant's sensation of sturdiness.

With such a compact structure, one potential problem that could arise is the spread of mould due to reduced airflow and increased humidity, but this plant is a benchmark in this area, resisting all kinds of pests and pathogens excellently.

Indoors, you will see a huge benefit if you just grow a few specimens and lengthen the growth phase to get large plants with enough space for their development. Screen Of Green (SCROG) crops are recommended, where certain low stress training (LST) are always needed to get the best yields, which are usually around 550 g/m2. Flowering time is normally around 55 days.

Outdoors, White Widow will dramatically increase production. Sunlight will reach all parts of the plant with a power that is unattainable indoors, so its side branches will grow with incredible vigour, creating colas to rival the central bud all over the plant. Yields can easily reach 900g per plant by harvesting in early/mid October .

White Widow flavours and effects

White Widow has an intense flavour which is long-lasting on the palate, slightly bittersweet on a floral background to which pungent, even spicy, notes are added.

One of the characteristics for which this strain is best valued is its powerful effect, previously unparalleled, a sedating high worthy of the best indica, offering a very intense cerebral effect together with a relaxing effect on the body.

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