CBD Rich Candy

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  • Genetics: Session x Dancehall
  • Genotype: Sativa-dominant polyhybrid
  • Taste and smell: Undergrowth, incense, mango, citrus, flowers, earth
  • Indoor Flowering: 60-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October
  • Yield: Up to 600g/m2
  • THC: <1%
  • CBD: 13% -23%


Now available in the Philosopher Seeds catalogue, we present CBD Rich Candy, a Pure CBD variety with less than 1% THC and CBD levels of between 13% and 23%.

This hybrid was created using individual selections of Session and Dancehall with high levels of CBD and virtually no THC.

This was achieved through an intense process of selection, crossing and stabilisation in conjunction with Reggae Seeds, at the end of which this aromatic, highly productive, robust variety with huge visual appeal was born.


The male used in this cross comes from a selection of Dancehall, a hybrid between the legendary Juanita la Lagrimosa (mother of all current CBD Rich strains) and Kalijah, winner of the prestigious Cannabis Champions Cup in 2010.

The female is an enormously productive selection of Session, a Diesel x Kalijah hybrid. This explosive genetics collision has resulted in a vigorous, Sativa-dominant hybrid plant, growing with medium internode distance and a large central cola surrounded by multiple secondary branches.

A highly resistant and very simple to grow variety, it doesn't need high doses of nutrients and will adapt to all types of intensive cultivation techniques, working well in SOG, SCROG and responding positively to pruning and training.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, where we get large, well-branched plants if we plant it directly in the ground in a sunny spot.

Its flowering period lasts about 60-70 days, with a flower yield of between 500 and 600g per m2, in the form of thick and voluminous colas, spread across all its branches.

Taste and effects

The flowers are dense and fleshy, loaded with trichomes and pistils, giving off a deliciously complex aroma that mixes incense, citrus and sweet mango nuances, notes of diesel and forest undergrowth with floral and earthy touches.

Its effect is completely physical and medicinal, but at the same time soothing and illuminating, courtesy of its high CBD levels of up to 23% with less than 1% THC, deeply relaxing body and mind, eliminating stress and pain while leaving the mind clear.

Properties of CBD Rich Candy

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Opiniones of CBD Rich Candy and doubts


slurpy terpy 05-08-2021

If you are looking for a CBD strain then stop looking and choose this one. Other than the effect being very nice (it feels like 3x as strong as the best CBD flowers I ordered from Austria - which is a very very good thing) it was VERY easy to grow and has some unique smells: The smell started out as 'schweppes citrus' but in the last weeks it got 'maroccan pastries' smells in the more ripe buds! Really happy with the maroccan pastries smell it is unique for me so far (I have grown 200+ strains...) maybe the smell is influenced by the CBD I really don't know. Here is my grow diary: https://growdiaries.com/diaries/108861-grow-journal-by-slurpy-terpy I will update the smell and effects after 2+ months curing. Thanks philo for making this strain available! I am growing a naranchup, pure CBD right now in living soil, and just germinated another CBD rich candy which will also go in living soil to compare with this hydro grow!


slurpy turpy 27-06-2021
Hey guys! I am growing a cbd rich candy in hydro (dwc) under mars hydro sp 3000 (full spectrum led with uva) and uvb supplement (to break uvr8 protein for more terpene production and better ripening indoor). Currently at 47 days of 12/12, vegged for 35 days and topped once, she is 1m tall, looking like she will yield 50-85g, the buds look nearly exactly like on the picture! So far she is very easy to grow, nothing out of the ordinary, with large internode distance allowing for more light penetration so don't need to perform much defoliation. She smells great! A bit of sour orange diesel and floral notes, reminds me of the red orange scheppes! I will update with a smoke/vape/rosin review and more stats after 2-3 months of cure. So far so good!

Philosopher seeds Staff

Philosopher Seeds 28-06-2021

Thanks so much for the feedback and progress report! Glad things are on course for a satisfactory harvest and that she's been problem-free throughout the cultivation. Can't wait to read your smoke report and hear how she does as rosin. I can't say that I've pressed a few varieties of CBD-rich flowers to date and some work better than others, but they all seem to have considerably darker resin than their THC-rich counterparts, I'm interested if you find the same. Thanks again, best wishes and happy growing!

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