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Corleone Kush x Do-si-Dos

As relaxing as a sunny Sunday

Corleone Kush x Do-Si-dos info:

  • Genetics: Corleone Kush x Do-Si-Dos
  • Genotype : Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Flavour & aroma: sweet, fruity, earthy, biscuit dough, Kush, incense and floral
  • Flowering: 65-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October
  • Yield: 500g/m2
  • THC: ¿
5 seeds 40.00€

Corleone Kush x Do-Si-Dos

Corleone Kush x Do-Si-Dos has now landed in the Limited Edition range from Philosopher Seeds, offering a potent and highly resinous Indica-dominant hybrid.

This cross has been created to offer an extremely tasty and relaxing Kush hybrid, which will delight growers looking for delicious sweet flavours and a very strong, physically relaxing and psychoactive effect.

You can now find this highly narcotic cannabis hybrid exclusively at Alchimiaweb.

Corleone Kush x Do-Si-Dos genetics

To create this devastating hybrid, a selected female of Corleone Kush from The Cali Connection was used, a cross between the elite clone Pre 98 Bubba Kush x SFV OG Kush F4.

This Indica-dominant hybrid develops with a compact, dense and robust structure, growing to a manageable size and producing abundant strong branches that gives it the appearance of a bush surrounding a huge central cola.

If we top, or prune the apical tip of the plant, we can transform it into a huge bushstacked with buds upon buds, greatly increasing the yield and facilitating its development, both indoors and outdoors.

This, added to the fact that it is simple to cultivate and adapts to all growing systems and substrates, assures us a generous harvest of the highest quality, with minimum effort.

Plants will be ready for harvest after about 70 days of flowering, delivering an abundant yield of beautiful buds, loaded with resinous trichomes that spill over onto the nearby leaves, making this an ideal variety for fans of cannabis concentrates and resin extractions.

Its aroma is citric and sweet with incense, very tasty and penetrating, provoking a mouthwatering sensation with every inhalation, satisfying you with its thick white smoke.

Its effect is very powerful, physically relaxing and long lasting, leaving you stuck to the sofa with a smile on your lips while any tension, insomnia and stress fade away.

The male used for the mix is ​​a reversal of an elite clone Do-Si-Dos from Archive Seeds Bank, a hybrid between the OGKB (very powerful Girl Scout Cookies hybrid) and the Face / Off OG selected in California by NorCal ICMag.

The plants grow very vigorously and well branched, with a typical hybrid structurethat is easy to cultivate and highly resistant, readily adaptable to all types of substrate and crop maximisation techniques such as topping, SCROG, or SOG.

This vigour and resilience mean that it will give good results not only in the hands of experienced growers, but also in the care of novice cultivators, ensuring a very resinous, high quality harvest.

It matures after about 65 days of flowering, giving a heavy harvest of solid, resin-coated buds that can exceed 450g per m2, and which can turn purple if the temperatures are low at the end of the bloom period.

Its aroma is complex and delicious, mixing nuances of sweet fruit with biscuit dough, floral and earthy touches, particularly intense if we consume it in a cannabis vaporiser.

On the other hand, it offers an extremely powerful effect, both at the physical and cerebral level, deeply relaxing while wrapping you up in an enjoyable, long-lasting psychedelic high.


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