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Early marijuana strains produce early flowering plants, which are particularly well adapted for outdoor cannabis cultivation.

These varieties have been particularly developed for an early flowering in the season, with the harvest ready between mid-August and mid-September before the weather becomes more inclement.

Early marijuana varieties, a quick harvest

The first Early varieties were introduced into the cannabis market in the mid-80s, when Sensi Seeds seed bank introduced the varieties Early Pearl, Early Girl and Early Skunk. These varieties offered growers superior early harvests in outdoor cultivation.

Until then, only imported landrace seeds were available, or some varieties developed for indoor cultivation difficult to grow outdoors.

Early genetics enjoyed great success among marijuana growers, quickly finding their place in the cannabis world. Later, new Early hybrids were further developed and eventually became a complete family.

Early varieties, marijuana harvest in August

The various Early marijuana strains have in common early and rapid flowering, yet there are different Early hybrid lines with varying genetic composition.

There are Early varieties developed from the original Early Pearl, Early Skunk and Early Girl lines that depending on the hybrids and plant selections begin to flower early in the season, reaching maturity in September.

We have developed several Early marijuana lines from our Early Maroc selection. This is a 100% Sativa landrace variety highly prized by Philosopher Seeds seed growers for its precocity, with the harvest ready from mid-August in a Mediterranean climate.

Early Maroc easily transfers its fast flowering trait, shortening the blooming period of Sativa strains such as Super Lemon Haze. Or on the other hand, it brings more power and production to the Moroccan line with hybrids like Early Gelato.

It is also possible to develop Early hybrids by crossing a classic line with an auto-flowering marijuana variety. The result is a non-auto-flowering but faster-flowering strain than the original version, such as Green Poison F1 Fast Version by Sweet Seeds.

In the Early category you can find all the early flowering varieties that are ideal for outdoor cultivation.

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Early Maroc - Philosopher Seeds

Landrace Sativa genetics Highly resistant, ideal for outdoor growing Early flowering variety Easy to grow Sweet strawberry aroma and spicy background [...]

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Early Skunk - Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk Genetics Ultra-fast Skunk genetics Ideal for beginners High production Social and fun effect [...]

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Pure CBG - Philosopher Seeds

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