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Early Maroc

Harvested in summer

Early Maroc info:

  • Genetics: Morocco landrace
  • Sativa-Indica content: 100% Sativa
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early/mid August
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early/mid February
  • Outdoor yield: 350-450 g/plant.
  • THC: 17%
  • 1 seed 8.00€ 5.60€
    3 seeds 21.00€ 14.70€
    5 seeds 32.50€ 22.75€
    25 seeds 125.00€ 87.50€


    Early Maroc comes from a thorough selection of a very early pure strain (landrace) from Morocco.

    Since this variety is particularly difficult to grow indoors, developing the feminized version became a long and hard breeding project.

    Cultivation of Early Maroc

    Ideal for outdoor grows and Guerilla crops. Not recommended for indoor growers. Suitable for making dry sieved hashish.

    Without a doubt, the best attribute of Early Maroc is its fast flowering It is harvested in mid-August in temperate climates, even earlier in some cases. We recommend germinating the seeds in late March or early April to harvest your plants in August. Photos and user comments of this early flowering cannabis strain can be seen on our blog.

    Early Maroc produces robust, compact and easy to grow plants. It reaches average heights (125-175 cm), enough to provide good yields even with minimal care or if planted in arid soils. Its precocity and low demand of nutrients and water make it ideal for guerrilla growers.

    If you plan to use pots, 50-60L containers will be enough for the plant to fully develop.

    The lighting, nutritional and environmental conditions needed to grow this strain are special, so we do not recommend Early Maroc for indoor cultivation.

    Taste and effects

    The scent of the live plant is sweet, reminiscent of strawberry bubblegum. Once dried and cured, this scent is transformed into a spicy fragance with noble wood and black pepper notes.

    The effect is slightly euphoric at first, becoming more relaxing after a while. This second phase is of short duration.


    We remind our clients residing in France that cannabis seeds not listed in the European Community catalog are products exclusively intended for genetic conservation and collection, and in no case are for cultivation. It is strictly forbidden to germinate them on French territory, with the exception of those authorised by the European Union. We do not encourage our customers to break the law in any way and are not responsible for their use.

    Opinions and questions (64)



    Crossed this strain with your Jamaican Blueberry last year. Started the seeds the last week of March. Picked the two best looking females. They both started flowering in early June and were done by the end of July (Southern Ontario Canada). Final yield was over 700 gms of nice bud. Lots of trichome covered popcorn. Looking forward to the bubble hash from this. We had a cool September this year and my other plants all went into October. My Early Gorilla was late this year but yielded 650 gms (1 Plant). Looking forward to the Early Gelato for next season. Thanks for the great genetics.

    23-11-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hey Stephen, big thanks for your comment. Early Maroc x Jamaican Blueberry sounds like it's a great combination, nice work, we're happy that your plants turned out to be a success and we're sure that the resulting hash will be very tasty! Thanks again for your contribution and best wishes from all the team.



    I failed to see the light requirements for this strain but managed to grow this at 57.6 latitude in a greenhouse but its cost me more to heat the greenhouse and ventilate than an indoor setup with leds. Still a lovely looking plant, started in May indoors, responded well to topping and supercropping, was in super soil so took any nutrients it needed. Had one male and collected pollen so I can hopefully use the 'early' bit and work on breeding a strain for this cold, dark, wet part of the world. Cutting down the last one tomorrow, October 30th, It's a lovely purple - excellent landrace genetics!! Keep up the good work philosopher seeds X

    09-11-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi GB, thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. It sounds like you had a successful season at your latitude despite the expense of heating your greenhouse. We're really happy that you're satisfied with the end result and also curious to see what you make with the pollen from the male you found... please keep us updated! Thanks again, best wishes from all the team!



    Early Maroc? Jedna z nejlepších venkovních rostlin. Na to, že je to 100% sativa tak má velmi tvrdé palice. Semeno jsem zasel 22. Března. Teď je 9. Září a za necelý týden budu zklízet. Rostlina má jen palice a skoro žádné listy. Jsem velmi spokojený. Jedná z prvních venkovních odrůd která dozraje do ko vč září a nemá plíseň. Pozdrav v České republiky. Díky moc za Vaši práci.

    10-09-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Jack, thanks for your positive review! We're so happy you enjoyed growing Early Maroc and that the results are pleasing you. We love a satisfied customer, many thanks!



    to me "Early" gorilla tall 270cm September 5, not yet fully bloomed ,growing since late April

    08-09-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Do you mean it hasn't fully finished flowering yet? Or that it hasn't started flowering fully yet? If it's the former, then it's still within the projected finishing time of late August/early September. It's fairly normal for certain phenotypes to take a little longer to finish, just as we can also find examples of a given that finish faster than the rest of the plants. If, however, the plant hasn't started flowering fully yet then we're looking at a different issue. First, check to ensure that the plant is not exposed to any external light contamination which could be interrupting the darkness and delaying flowering. Please tell us a bit more about the conditions in which the plant is growing and we'll do our best to help you out! Best wishes.



    Just update of current situation, It is 25 of august , plants are 2 meters tall , but not blossoming yet. they are growing in a wild, and there are no additional light sources, only sun, stars and moon.

    26-08-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Cirill, thanks for keeping us up to date. I've been discussing the problem with al the team and we can't think of a reason why this might have happened. We're still investigating it so could you please email us at info@philosopherseeds.com with some up-to-date pictures of the plants, along with a photo of the original seed package and the details of where you purchased them. Hopefully, wit that information, we'll be able to get to the bottom of this! All the best!



    Made everything according to your recommendations, germinate it in March , In April it was staying in grow box under the led at 18/6 , put it in to outdoor in middle of may after last freeze, right now it is 160 cm tall, but still not blossoming . It means I can forget about harvest even in September. How many weeks it is blossoming normally?

    05-08-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment and question. You're right, it should have started to flower at this stage, so either we're dealing with a rare, longer-flowering phenotype of these genetics or there's something preventing the plant from initiating flowering. In the latter case, the most likely explanation would be some kind of external light source that's interrupting the darkness during the night. This could potentially keep the plant in a vegetative state for an indefinite period of time. Could there, perhaps, be a nearby streetlamp or house light that could be affecting your plant? Best wishes!



    Thought I'd ask if you guys had a non-feminized version of this that's stable. It seems to be the perfect short-season guerrilla sativa, but I want to breed em. Let me know.

    10-03-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Tony,

    Please excuse the late reply. Unfortunately, we don't have a reg version of this strain. Still, you can use some sex reversal technique and breed them in feminised form!


    Andrew j Steel


    I am growing this strain right now growing some outdoor and some indoor in Canada. . I like that the buds go all the way to halfway down the plant. I've had no problem growing indoors using a high drainage. its july 14th in canada my plants outside are two feet multibranched plants. They are not budding yet as of july 10th when i last checked. If they do not bud by aug 1st here they wont finish unless we get a sweet fall which never usually happens. so im hopping they have tuffs by july 2oth thats 16 hours daylight here. droping down to 12 hours by sept 30th, The indoor stuff isnt as tempermental as they say easy on nuits till big and use good drainage soil. Im using 1000 watt light i wouldnt use anything less. peace Alberta boy

    25-07-2019 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks a lot for your report! I'm sorry for the late reply, how are your plants now? already budding? It'd been 15 days since your last check now.

    We've seen male flowers when growing the Early Maroc indoors, but never outdoors. Actually, it's been created thinking about outdoor growers, that's why we do not recommend it for indoor grow rooms.

    Best of luck!

    Nick carter


    I am up here in wales lat 51, if I start on 1 April (fools day ) when will it finish flowering exactly?can you count the weeks?, To get a good idea? Also I've stayed in the rif it was brilliant to see how they make the hash the farm ground looked really sandy not very fertile I was thinking of using a l compost , lime and a few handfuls of chicken shit nothing else maybe leave that out to !.how sensitive is it to fertilizer ? I'll make a special roccy mix haha some landrace strains don't like ferts thanks nick

    30-01-2019 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Nick, you'll harverst middle/late August in this latitute. Be carefull with the fertilizer, because it's a bit sensitive and don't need much to grow well. You'll find more information here




    I live in the northeast USA and have a problem with mold in late sept and oct, so I thought early maroc would be perfect for these conditions. I'd like to germinate the seeds in early april, grow indoors under LED light until May 1 and then gradually acclimate them to outdoor light before putting them completely outdoors in mid May. Would the transfer from indoor to outdoor be OK? thanks!

    28-11-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    That'd be perfect, Early Maroc can develop a few bananas when blooming indoors, but there's not a problem at all about growing her indoors and then moving her outdoors. I'd suggest to use some type of extra lighting though, otherwise she may start to bloom as soon as you put her outside. at least for the first days/weeks (it mainly depends on the natural photoperiod in your area). Best of luck!



    Hola, Philosopher friends. I am planning to grow your Early Maroc next season, I live in the northern hemisphere, around 52°N, near the sea so with moderate temperatures for the region. In early august there are still almost 16 hours of daylight, which by early september go down to around 14, down to 10 at the end of october. When would you say this strain would start/ end flowering? Other strains tend to start way too late and then have to manage flowering in the middle of rains and cold. Would I get bigger plants if I start them in mid February behind a window with plenty of light and then move them outside towards late march? Many thanks!

    18-10-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Sven,

    Well, I'd suggest to start growing it in march, when temperatures raise. That's be perfect to harvest it around late august, before the rains come. I'd try to start some seeds ni mid february (behind that window) and the others about a month later, and check results when harvest comes.


    Yorkshire farmer


    Hi guys! I live in west Yorkshire UK at 53° N lat planning on sewing these outdoors guerrilla grow first 2 weeks of April. Will these produce at my latitude and when would you say they'll be ready for harvest? Also any advice on nutrients (I usually go organic using chicken pellets and bat guano) also how are they with pests and mould? Thanks in advance

    03-04-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Yorkshire farmer,

    The Early Maroc is usually ready to harvest by late August. It is a bit sensitive to nutrients, so moderate feeding is advised. It is quite resistant to pests and moulds, and its early flowering makes it ideal for humid areas where autumn rains can ruin your crop.

    Here you have an article about Early Maroc.

    Hope it helped!



    Going to grow this one for the third season in southern Ontario Canada. Can't say enough good things about this strain. Starting seeds in mid April gets an early to mid September harvest. 10 gallon pots have given me yields over 500 gr each. Almost no odor when growing and final cured product is smooth and potent with a lime scent. Plants appear to be very stable with no surprising phenotypes. Hats off to the breeders on this strain!

    06-03-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Sephen! Thanks so much for your words, we're happy you love our strain. Please, send us some pics through instagram or mail!




    Hi when start flo in 50° my friend grow this strain in 53°n and start late september and he use FIM and lst why she start very late?

    31-01-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hello David,

    I'll assume we're talking about northern hemisphere. If so, you should start the Early Maroc by March/April, as soon as spring temperatures come. She should be ready by late August.

    Hope it helped! ;)



    I'm looking to cross this. Can you supply as a reg?

    16-11-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hey Dom, we're so sorry, we only produce it as feminized. Regards.



    Hi, I'm outdoor in Southern Hemisphere in Mediterranean type climate (Csa) between 30 - 35°S. I planted seed in late October (equivalent late April in Northern hemi) instead of the recommended late Sept/Early October. Just wondering if the plants will still be ready to harvest early-mid February or if they'll be pushed back a month or so due to the late sowing? I'll be using Canna Terra medium, bio canna nutes and a 30L pot. so feel free to mention any tips specific to my set-up that isn't already on the grow guide. Gracias

    02-11-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi mate, Not at all, your plants will start flowering as soon as daylight hours decrease. They'll have 3-4 weeks less of vegettive growth, so they won't grow as tall as they'd have grown if planted in late september, but no big deal, they'll bloom at the same time that plants sowed in late september. Best!



    Hi Daniel, thanks for your quick reply and sorry for getting back to you only now as i've logged on here just now! Regarding your tips... i have few questions the first one i forgot to ask was/is this: 1) are the leaves of E.M. all pretty small? lilke tiny? If so, is it a characteristic of this strain? because mine were all very small. there were no big fan leaves. 2) about the growing for next year. how about April or even May? and harvest somewhere around mid of August? 3) how many grams (dry) can i aim at if i do everything right? Cheers mate hope to meet up with you in person!

    Philosopher Seeds


    Hi Massimo,

    Daniel here! It is a pleasure to talk to you again. Hope you had a great vacation! You could have got better yields as we discussed (next year start it a bit later and do not use artificial lighting).

    About the effect, you can also try to harvest it a little earlier so the high is more cerebral. Early Maroc buds are not as compact as other strains, especially hybrids or Indicas.

    All the best, mate!



    Hi again. Just a quick note on the Early Maroc. After harvest and cured i got 80 grams of dried buds, which is not what i was expecting (was expecting more) but neverthless a good punch. Was also expecting a more mind high, more luminous and brillant high, like sativas should (correct me if i am wrong) but the punch is a pretty solid one and leaves you quite stoned (mind and also body). Also, the buds were not as compact as i thought they would. Again, was it supposed to be this way? Anyone else could share his/her story here? Cheers! M.



    Hi there, just wanted to leave a comment on my experience with Early Maroc hoping it may help all those who are growing it or have grown it in the past. Sprouted the seed indoor at the beginning of February (8th of february). I gave the little plant a little of artificial lights and also natural sunlight. This just fo a short while (less than a month of half artificial lights and natural sunlight). I tranplanted the plant on the 8th of March 2017 into a big flowerbed with a minimum of 6 hrs of direct sunlight in March till 8-9 hrs (and more) in May-June. In May the plant was already in pre-flower and by the end of May it had already started flowering. I havested/cut the plant at the end of June (28th of june) . It will be ready on the 6th of August and will tell you how many grams i managed to pull out of it. Thank you to the Philosopher Seeds Team and a SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to DANIEL from the team who helped me every step of the way!!! Thank you Daniel for your invaluable help!

    02-08-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Massimo, thanks so much for your words and for the advices for other growers. It's been a pleasure to help you and we are glad you're happy with Early Maroc. Talk soon!

    Philosopher Seeds


    Hello. We don't know exactly the climate of Canada but June seems a little bit late to harvest it in summer. If you plant it before, you will harvest before. If you do it in June, you will cut in September. There is only one phenotype because this strain is very stable. See you soon.



    hi again thanks for answering my first question. one more question. if early maroc is planted june 1st outdoors in canada when would it be ready to harvest. thanks



    Hi, How many phenotypes is known of this strain?

    18-04-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    There is only one phenotype because this strain is very stable.



    I live in Canada. Our planting season begins May 24. I plan to grow outdoors. When would I expect to harvest if the seeds are put in the ground May 24? Thank you.

    30-03-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi, Early Maroc is a very early strain, last year at 42 latitude it was harvested by mid August, so I'd expect to harvest by mid-late August. Hope you'll enjoy our Early Maroc!!



    Hi, As I read, so Early Maroc is starting to bloom then the sun is shining very strong and a long time during the day.....so my question is : If i want to make from my 5pcs seeds chosen one mother plant for clones - the best way is put the mother plant under !WEAKER! fluorescent tube and not 18/6 but for exapmple 14/10 and the mother plant does not start bloom? If I am interpole - say me how...... (i want to grow OUTdoor on many peaces around)

    28-03-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi, You should use a 18/6 photoperiod to keep mother plants of the Early Maroc, otherwise it'll bloom inside your indoor grow room. Indoor mother plants love light, so I'd use at least 100W fluorescent tubes to keep small plants. As soon as you take rooted cuttings outside they'll bloom for the greater part of the year (Check our post on intensive outdoor farming). Also, remember to use large containers and transplant your mother plants from time to time (you can also trim the roots). Mother plants hate small pots, they sometimes start flowering if they don't have enough space for the root system. Hope it helped!



    hi there i live in canada and our last spring frost is around june 1st. i want to germinate early maroc like you recommend late march. what kind of lights do you recommend to start them ill its warm enough to put them outside. will 4 fluorescent bulbs work being left on for 24-7

    03-03-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hello. Early Maroc needs a powerful light to avoid blooming too early. We recommend using a minimum Metal Hallids 600W for a maximum of 4 weeks. Have a good day.



    was thinking to give the little plant (soon after the germinations has finished) some root stimulators, so that the little seedling can develop a strong root system. I have read on your blog that Early Maroc does not like over-feeding. I would like to know what is your experience with feeding rthis plant in outdoor. What root stimulator would you recommend me? I know that there are a lot of companies producing root stimulators like atami, biobizz, bionova, canna, biocanna, kalong, aptus, advanced nutrient, plagron, ghe ed hesi. Do you prefer one in particular? Or does Early Maroc prefer one in particular in your experience? Would like to receive your opinion on the growing methods because i will be away for all the vegetative growth so i would like to give the plant a good solid structure (i will be back on the 14th of june). Or do you prefer to let it grow 100% totally natural without the use of any root booster etc? Thank you again for any tip you will want to give me

    24-01-2017 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hello. We recommend the "Roots Excellurator"" from House and Garden but most of the root stimulators sold on the market work very well. It is a very easy plant to grow."



    Hello, I live in the southwest USA at about 6500 feet elevation (high desert). I plan to sow the seeds indoors at the beginning of April. I then plan to place the seedlings outside (permanently) by mid May. Will this method stress the plants? Can I still expect a good, but short flowering period? Thank you, Steve

    30-12-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi! The Early Maroc is a strain thought to grow it outside, because it's a Moroccan landrace strain really sensitive to the light changes. I would not recommend to grow it indoors and then pass it outside, because it can work well, but it's also possible that it starts blooming when passing it outside. On the other hand, you say that you live in a mid high area, and in the desert, so Iassume that there will be high temperatures and a dry climate. We haven't tried our EM in that kind of climate and height conditions, but as it's a mountain Moroccan landrace, it should grow pretty well. It would be amazing if you could send us some pics and growing info, if you like to




    Hello! I would like to know what would be the best time to start Early Maroc seeds for outdoor grow. I am in Europe at 47.5 latitude with hot summers but rainy/cooler weather starting from mid/late september. I would like to start the seeds outdoors so I would be really grateful if you could provide a approximate date to germinate the seeds. Thank you in advance. Best regards!

    15-12-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Chad,

    You should start the seeds by late March / early April, as soon as spring comes and temperatures are a little bit higher. In this way you'll harvest your plants by mid/late August, before adverse climate conditions arrive.

    Best of luck! ;)

    Jay c


    Hi Just wondering how well this strain clones. Sounds perfect for my outdoor grow. Thanks.

    09-12-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi! Actually, you can take clons from Early Maroc, not being able to take them outside until an advanced spring. Harvest time, then, would be a little later. Moreover, is not an easy strain to keep in 18 hours rooms, needs special attentions.



    Hi, just purchased your early Maroc, but it was for indoor, can you recommend a sativa for indoor ? Thanks, Pat

    12-09-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Pat! I I highly recommend our Easy Haze: Easy to grow and high yield its effects are psychedelic and its taste is really special. Thanks for asking :)



    Hi !what latitude may grow?

    13-09-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi, The Early Maroc can be grown up to the 47th latitude (even higher depending on climate conditions) without problem. latitud 47 viene a ser la frontera usa-canadá Since its bloom is very early, it can be grown in cold areas before temperatures drop.



    Can u start germinating this plant at the end of May will it still have buds like a good amount?

    06-06-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Ji Jrod,

    Since the Early Maroc starts flowering really fast, your plants will be relatively small at this moment, so you won't get large yields. I would suggest using strains which start flowering a bit later, like Amnesika 2.0 or Easy Haze.



    hello. im interesting your early maroc strain. i live at 40°N with arid summer. im gonna sow the seeds in mid-june. i cant carry a bag of soil. i gonna grow in the ground. i can adjust ph and carry some small bag wormcast bat guano etc. . what do you suggest me and how much grams yield i will get? Thank you in advance.

    06-05-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi delo,

    For your growing conditions (arid summer, poor soil) seems like it is a perfect strain for you. Using wormcast would be perfect, but remember that Early Maroc doesn't enjoy lots of nutrients. If planted directly in the ground, it can easily yield 300-400gr/plant.

    Since it is so fast, sowing the seeds a bit earlier would be perfect.

    Best of luck!

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