Lemon Sorbet

Fresh flavours

Lemon Sorbet

Fresh flavours

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  • Genetics: Lemon Tree x Larry OG
  • Genotype: 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
  • Taste and flavour: Citrus, caramel
  • Effect: Balanced, euphoric onset, relaxing continuation
  • Indoor flowering: 58-63 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Early/mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 500g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1300g per plant
  • THC: 18-22%
  • Very easy to cultivate
  • High resistance to fungi and other pests
  • Huge trichomes production
  • Very hard and dense flowers


Lemon Sorbet by Silent Seeds is an Indica dominant strain, a cross between Lemon Tree and Larry OG. Thanks to its breeders' experience and good work, this seedbank has developed a hybrid that brings out the best of both parentals. Lemon Tree maintains characteristics such as a fresh citric aroma, a growth vigour and a lucid effect.

Larry OG parental contributes with an abundant harvest and also an enormous resin quantity, which is ideal for elaborating all kinds of extractions.

Lemon Sorbet, cultivation

Lemon Sorbet stands out on its own in cultivation, with a great stability between plants. During the vegetative stage it shows great vigour both in the main branches and in the secondary ramification. The latter has a medium-short spacing, ideal for the use of low stress techniques such as SCROG in indoor growing, with a yield of up to 500g per m2 in about 58-63 days.

This variety also inherits from its parentals a good resistance to fungal infections and other pests. It shows a medium height, not too tall, which makes it a good choice for outdoor or guerrilla cultivation. Cultivated in open ground it can offer a yield of up to 1300g per plant, with the harvest ready in early-mid October.

It produces good sized flowers, with a remarkable huge trichomes production. It fills the grow room with a very fresh lemony aroma, perfect for summer.

Lemon Sorbet, flavours and effects

Lemon Sorbet expresses one of its most notable characteristics thanks to the huge trichomes production, a mixture of the potent citric background inherited from Lemon Tree with sweetened caramel notes. Certainly ideal for any time in summer.

It produces a powerful balanced effect, with a euphoric onset that progresses to a very pleasant physical relaxation and mental peace. Surfing the internet with Lemon Sorbet is a far cry from a trip to the Bahamas.

Properties of Lemon Sorbet

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