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The modern marijuana world offers two different seeds: feminised seeds which produce only female plants, and regular seeds which deliver both males and females.

Regular seeds are, therefore, the fruit of an encounter between a male and a female marijuana plant, resulting in regular progeny which will give both males and females.

Usually, about 50% of male and 50% of female plants is observed in regular seed cultivation, although sometimes more females than males can be found and vice versa.

Regular seeds, ideal for developing marijuana hybrids

For a quality marijuana seedless harvest, i.e. without seeds in the buds, we only need to remove the male plants from the cultivation as soon as they are detected.

On the other hand we can create new marijuana hybrids or reproduce a variety by keeping one or more male plants that will be used to pollinate the female plants.

Regular seeds are perfect for the grower who wants to breed their own marijuana varieties and also to preserve and reproduce their favourite genetics.

Marijuana seeds for mother plant selection

Regular seeds produce robust plants that withstand well the various stresses that can affect cultivation, thus they are perfectly adapted to maintain the genetics over the long term.

By selecting the plant that best meets our criteria, we can maintain it as a mother plant. In this way we can obtain marijuana cuttings and cultivate the variety as we please.

Chocolope Regular - Philosopher Seeds

Very vigorous and large Not recommended for small spaces Buzzing, upbeat and euphoric high Relax, wellness and happiness at your fingertips Chocolope Regular Genetics Philosopher Seeds offers you a new regular cannabis strain, Chocolope, [...]

  • 5 seeds33.00€
  • 10 seeds60.00€

Agent Orange Regular - Philosopher Seeds

Fast and productive hybrid Easy to growRelaxing and positive high Fruity, floral and spicy orange flavour Agent Orange Regular Genetics Agent Orange Regular Genetics The strain Agent Orange is an easy-to-grow Indica/Sativa hybrid with quick [...]

  • 5 seeds33.00€
  • 10 seeds60.00€

Bruce Banner Regular - Philosopher Seeds

Bruce Banner Regular Genetics Philosopher Seeds presents Bruce Banner, a spectacular variety in its regular version. It is a genetics originally from Colorado that stands out for being one of the most powerful cannabis varieties ever created. It is [...]

  • 5 seeds33.00€
  • 10 seeds60.00€

Jamaican Blueberry BX - Philosopher Seeds

Genetics Regular strain from the Old School Genetics Collective, a true old school Sativa developed from a very special elite clone, the Jamaican x Blueberry cut selected by grower Marleys from Cannabiscafe forum. Cultivation Suitable for indoor, out [...]

  • 5 seeds33.00€
  • 10 seeds60.00€


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