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Chocolope Regular

Chocolope Regular

Chocolate taste for a moment of great relaxation

Info Chocolope Regular:

  • Regular cannabis seeds
  • Genetics: OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
  • Genotyp: 95% Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 65 days
  • Indoor production: 450g/m2
  • Outdoor harvest: Mid-October
  • Height: 2-3 m
  • THC: High
5 seeds 30.00€ 21.00€
10 seeds 55.00€ 38.50€
  • Very vigorous and large
  • Not recommended for small spaces
  • Buzzing, upbeat and euphoric high
  • Relax, wellness and happiness at your fingertips

Chocolope Regular Genetics

Philosopher Seeds offers you a new regular cannabis strain, Chocolope, with vigorous, delicious and powerful genetics.A cross of OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, it produces Sativa-dominant plants (95%). It's easy to grow and develops long and resinous buds from very interesting harvests.

Cultivation of Chocolope Regular

In indoor crops, and despite its Sativa heritage, it will take just 65 days to finish producing flowers, with harvest of up to 450 grams/m2. Outdoors, you should limit its cultivation to dry areas and, above all, give it lots of space, so it can develop properly. In fact, this is a plant that takes plenty of space both indoors and outdoors.

Sweet Chocolate Flavour Straight to Your Taste Buds

Enjoy a strong Sativa high with an aroma and flavour that will transport you to the best hashish of the 80’s.

Chocolope Regular Taste and Effects

Its long and resinous buds have a pale green colour and highly noticeable small and bright orange pistils. The organoleptic qualities of this weed are powerful and pleasant, reminiscent of 80's hash with its earthy and sweet flavour on a chocolate background.

Perfect to enjoy a deep body relaxation and a feeling of happiness and well-being, that will provide excellent moments with your friends.

We remind our clients residing in France that cannabis seeds not listed in the European Community catalog are products exclusively intended for genetic conservation and collection, and in no case are for cultivation. It is strictly forbidden to germinate them on French territory, with the exception of those authorised by the European Union. We do not encourage our customers to break the law in any way and are not responsible for their use.

Opinions and questions (5)

Billy bud


So These are f2 chocolope seeds?

09-11-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi Billy, thanks for the question. Yes, these are F2 Chocolope seeds. All the best!



I'm very interested in using your Chocolope (R) to breed with. So since it's an F2, if I cross them with each other, the offspring will be F3; correct? Once I have the seeds I produce, should I then cross the brothers and sisters again or should I backcross it with a Cannalope Haze male from DNA Genetics? Would this help stabilize the strain, even if the male pollen is not the same as the pollen used to create the F1? And at which generation do you know when to backcross if you're trying to stabilize a strain? Did you produce the F1 or was it obtained from DNA Genetics? Also, I've read that F1 motherplants (for clones) can be very vigorous & produce amazing clones. What are F2 motherplants & clones like, if well selected? Also, if I want to store dried male pollen in the freezer, what temperature is best and could it keep 6 months - 1 year? Thanks. Scot



Are chocolope's seed of dna genetics?

06-07-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi Davide, thanks for your comment and question. These are F2 seeds that have been created using selected plants from the original F1 Chocolope genetics. I hope that helps. Best wishes and happy growing!

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