Red Poison Auto

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  • Genetics: Green Poison x Automatic Kush
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa automatic hybrid
  • Taste and aroma: Sweet, fruity, slightly skunky background, earthy
  • Effects: Sociable, happy, relaxing, well-balanced
  • Flowering time: 55-60 days
  • Outdoor flowering: April-November
  • Yield: 400-550 gr/m2
  • THC: 15 - 19%

Red Poison Auto Genetics

  • High production of up to 550gr/m2
  • Complete life cycle of only 8 weeks
  • Psychedelic and cerebral high
  • High resin production

Red Poison by Sweet Seeds is an autoflowering plant created through the crossing of the popular Green Poison feminized and an automatic strain of Pakistani Kush heritage.

This Hindu Kush specimen is responsible for the bright lilac and red colours of the Red Poison strain, which make it stand out in the grow room.

Cultivation of Red Poison Auto

Both indoors and outdoors, this strain grows vigorously during the vegetative phase, with numerous branches in its lower and middle part that will generate an enormous harvest.

In both setups, it's recommended to use pots of at least 10L, and ideally between 18 and 20l, in order to obtain the best results from this automatic strain. For indoor plants, it's advisable to provide them with a 20/4h photoperiod to achieve the maximum production of flowers, which is usually between 400 and 550gr/m2.

Purple and very attractive buds covered in resin

Red Poison is one of SweetSeeds’ stars, partly due to its impressing appearance and high performance

In outdoor growing and in optimal growing conditions, in big pots, and with many hours of sunlight, you'll be able to obtain up to 175 grams per head from plants with a maximum height of 120cm. Without a doubt, a highly productive automatic strain that is ready to harvest in just 8 weeks from germination.

The buds are absolutely beautiful and covered with a thick resin layer, just like the best strains from the Kush family. The flowers are dense and luxurious, and form small pillars of chalices on the tips, which give them an even more appetizing look.

Red Poison Auto Taste and Effects

This strain’s aroma and flavours are a mix of high quality fruity and sweet notes on a slightly skunky background.

The high is Indica and very relaxing, with a powerful psychoactive side that keeps the mind active, happy and even euphoric. It can be said that it's a well balanced strain, as it relaxes the body while keeping the mind alert.

Properties of Red Poison Auto

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