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Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch

Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch

Extra sweet and highly resinous Sativa

Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch info:

  • Genetics: Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch
  • Genotype: Sativa/Indica hybrid
  • Taste and smell: Floral, sweet watermelon, blueberry muffins, candies, grapes
  • Flowering: 65 days
  • Harvest outdoors: early October
  • Production: 450g/m2
  • THC: High
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Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch

Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch is now within your reach at Philosopher Seeds, as part of the Limited Edition range, in the form of feminised seeds.

This hybrid was created to mix the huge resin production of both parents and maximise the aroma, creating a perfect strain for making potent and terpene-rich cannabinoid extractions.

Watermelon Zkittlez x Purple Punch genetics

The female used comes from a selection of Watermelon Zkittlez (Sativa-dominant Watermelon, x Indica-dominant Zkittlez), an elite clone with a sweet and fruity aroma.

It is a hugely vigorous plant, developing with a Sativa structure, which offers good results with both SCROG technique and Super-cropping, very quicklyfilling the trellis with colas.

If we choose not to prune it, it will create a prominent main cola surrounded by several secondary branches, giving it a flexible and slender appearance, and stretching vertically.

It matures after about 8-9 weeks of flowering, offering a yield of about 450g per m2, of bulky, heavy and shiny buds, glistening with the abundant amount of resin they produce.

The effect we feel when smoking it or inhaling it in a cannabis vaporiser is strong, stimulating and cheerful, pleasant and long-lasting, enhancing your creativity and lifting your mood.

The aroma it offers is sweet, fruity, with floral and watermelon notes and ripe fruits, which intensifies a lot if we grow it using organic fertilisers.

As a male parent, a selection of Purple Punch has been used, a hybrid of Grand Daddy Purps and Larry OG, aka Lemon Larry, two classic cultivars much appreciated in the USA.

It has an Indica predominance and develops with a very branchy and compact structure, which means it is easy to grow and adapts very well to SCROG cultivation.

Its flowering period lasts about 60 days, in which time it generates yields of up to 550g per m2 of rock-hard flowers, loaded with resin and perfect for making hashish extractions.

The aroma that the flower emit combines nuances of ripe grapes, candies, cake and blueberry muffins, in a sweet and penetrating mixture that coats your palate with flavour for a long time.

Its effect is very powerful, both physically and cerebrally, producing an enjoyable relaxing sensation that will be very useful for those suffering from insomnia, nausea, stress, or aching muscle.

We remind our clients residing in France that cannabis seeds not listed in the European Community catalog are products exclusively intended for genetic conservation and collection, and in no case are for cultivation. It is strictly forbidden to germinate them on French territory, with the exception of those authorised by the European Union. We do not encourage our customers to break the law in any way and are not responsible for their use.

Opinions and questions (4)



I agree with Ryan, this stuff is very strong. She is very vigorous so some training helps to keep her under control or as in the description use the scrog method. I’ve grown a lot of different strains and the resin production from this girl is huge, some of the stickiest buds i’ve had to date. A pleasure to smoke.

14-09-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi and thanks so much for leaving your opinion, it means a lot to us! We've had great success with this hybrid, I've got a few of them flowering outdoors now and one of them is easily the frostiest plant in the whole garden! So glad you enjoyed the end result so much. Thanks again, best wishes.



This is amazing!! It will melt the face off the first time smoker and upper cut the seasoned smoker. Truly a super strong smoke I advise caution but highly recommend

11-05-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi Ryan, massive thanks for leaving your feedback for us! We're so happy that you enjoyed our variety, we're very proud of it and it's promising to become the star of our catalogue with all the praise it's receiving recently. Good to know you weren't disappointed with the potency and thanks for the warning! Thanks again and enjoy smoking it!

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