White Widow

White Widow
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  • Genetics: White Widow F1
  • Genotype: Dominant Indica
  • Taste and smell: sweet and sour, pungent, spicy, Widow
  • Effects: Happiness, relax, euphoria, cerebral, red eyes
  • Flowering: 55-65 days
  • Flowering outdoors: Middle October
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High
  • THC: 18.9%

White Widow Genetics

Without a doubt, when we think of cannabis seeds that have become legends, there is one that always comes to everybody´s mind: White Widow. Derived from a hybrid created from Indian and Brazilian genes, this strain revolutionized the cannabis scene of its era due to its extraordinary potency (rarely seen until then) and amazing resin production.

Dutch Passion offers you the F1 seeds of the original White Widow from the 80´s, a jewel you must try.

White Widow Cultivation

  • A legend of the cannabis world
  • Resistant and versatile
  • Superb resin production
  • Amazing effect

Growing White Widow is easy and very rewarding. Its vigorous growth, inherited from both parents, along with a natural resistance and hardiness, make this plant perfect for novice growers that are looking for a good quality strain with potency out of the ordinary, and hassle-free.

It produces excellent results both indoors and outdoors, where it prefers temperate and warm climates, and, of course, greenhouses and guerrilla growing. Its elongated lateral branches increase the final production up to about 550g/m2 indoors, where it will be ready in approximately 9 weeks, producing an impressive amount of trichomes. Suitable for SCROG and LST methods.

Outdoors, it’s ready during the month of October, with yields that can reach 800g/plant. It offers a natural resistance to fungi that makes it a very good option for this type of grow.

White Widow Taste and Effect

White Widow by Dutch Passion retains the distinctive and now mythical flavour of the original Widow, bittersweet and pungent with spicy notes, very intense and persistent on the palate. A good curing will soften the taste and make it even more enjoyable, as well as increasing its already extreme potency.

Well-known for its strong effect

White Widow provides memorable moments to anyone who tries it, thanks to its highly powerful effect

The effect of White Widow, along with its trichomes production, is without doubt the most famous - and sought-after - trait of this lady. A high that is ideal for relaxing, unwinding and relieve stress, but be careful... the strong cerebral effect could be too much for many people!

Properties of White Widow

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