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  • Genetics: Mazar
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Taste and aroma: Citrusy, earthy, Afghan hashish, pine
  • Effects: Cerebral, relaxing, soothing, narcotic 
  • Flowering time: 50-55 days
  • Outdoor flowering: End of September
  • Yield: +600gr/m2
  • THC: High

Mazar Genetics

  • Higher production than g/w
  • Ready by the end of September
  • Powerful narcotic high
  • Ideal for beginners

Mazar by Dutch Passion is a legendary weed and a cross between the popular Skunk and a powerful and tasty Afghan specimen, as in the case of Sensi Seed's Super Skunk, but with different nuances.

This cross preserves the Skunk structure: ramified, vigorous and easy to grow, with sturdy stems and branches, as well as a better pest resistance.

Cultivation of Mazar

Growing this plant is very easy, so it's suitable for beginners and professional growers alike. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, either in soil and hydroponic systems. It also requires a high supply of nutrients, especially during bloom, in order to create long truncheons similar to baseball bats.

Mazar's flowering time is what makes this strain so appealing to any grower. It's a plant that develops a high amount of buds even if it hasn't received the best of cares, so with a proper cultivation, even the smallest plants can achieve very good results. Another great advantage is its flowering speed, since it's ready to be harvested in no more than 55 days.

Indoors and under 600w HPS lamps, you can easily obtain a ratio of 1g/1w, and with CMH or LEC lights, this ratio could reach up to 1.4g/1w, so its production is a major asset to bear in mind.

Mazar, a highly productive old school strain

Enjoy this classic weed from Afghanistan and its exceptional yields in only 7-8 weeks of cultivation!

This legendary strain is very easy to grow outdoors, both in soil and pots; although we recommend its cultivation in a high quality organic substrate in order to obtain generous harvests of over 800 grams per plant.

Mazar Taste and Effect

Its flavour and aroma are totally old school, with a terpene profile consisting of citrusy notes combined with earthy tones and hints of pine.

Mazar’s high is very relaxing, with a nice dose of psychedelia provided by its Skunk side, ideal for the evenings or to wind-down when needed, as well as to induce sleep.

Properties of Mazar

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