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Easy Haze

High THC and easy to grow

  • 2011 Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup
    3rd Resin category

Easy Haze info:

  • Genetics:  Special K S1
  • Sativa-Indica content: 70%-30%
  • Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Late September, early October
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Late March, early April
  • Indoor yield: 450-600 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 600-2000 grams / plant
  • THC: 21%
  • 1 seed 8.50€
    3 seeds 23.00€
    5 seeds 36.00€
    25 seeds 150.00€


    Easy Haze / K-13-Haze is a self-pollination (S1) of a Special K plant which inherited the best qualities of both parents: the strong, bushy and compact structure from Yumbolt and the thin leaflets, incensed aroma and clear sativa effect from Kali Mist (Western Winds).

    Cultivation of Easy Haze

    Easy Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. High yields with haze aroma.

    This is a very easy to grow plant with extraordinary yields. It develops lots of side branches, thus being recommended for the SCROG technique. Its internodal spacing and overall size are relatively short compared to other Sativas.

    It can deal with nutritional imbalances, temperature stress, pests and diseases and is particularly resistant to high environmental humidity, a true all-terrain strain!

    It is also perfectly suited for outdoor cultivation. If grown in soil it reaches amazing heights, and its high yielding branches become completely covered with bright trichomes. Apical pruning is an efficient way to keep the height under control. Use 25-50L containers if discreet plants are needed.

    Taste and effects

    Both the taste and scent of this Haze variety have citric and metallic notes, reminiscent of tropical pineapples. As the curing process advances, delicious spicy hints will be easily detected.

    Its effect is typical of Haze strains, not suitable for tasks requiring concentration. In short, it is a Sativa strain with high THC content which provides a magnificent and pleasant psychedelic effect.

    We remind our clients residing in France that cannabis seeds not listed in the European Community catalog are products exclusively intended for genetic conservation and collection, and in no case are for cultivation. It is strictly forbidden to germinate them on French territory, with the exception of those authorised by the European Union. We do not encourage our customers to break the law in any way and are not responsible for their use.

    Opinions and questions (10)



    Are you able to post to Australia? Also i live in the Daintree rainforest in north Queensland what would be a good strain to grow outdoors? Great site loads of info guys n gals Oh 1 last thing how about a covvid 2020 strain lol

    17-04-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi chefdaze, thanks for your comment and question. Yes, we do ship to Australia. From the look of it, you've got a hot but humid climate up there, right? Looks amazing! You're going to want varieties that are mould-resistant because of the humidity, a lot of Indica varieties won't be suitable because of their dense flowers that tend to trap moisture and rot from the inside. So I would recommend our more Sativa-leaning hybrids, Easy Haze, Heaven's Fruit, Early Maroc, Sweet Love, Sugar Pop and Orange Candy. I hope that helps. As for a Covid 2020 strain, I hope we're able to look back and laugh about this whole situation soon, smoking some Corona Kush or similarly named variety! 
    Best wishes!



    How does it compare to black bomb

    17-04-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Ted, thanks for your question. Black Bomb is a mostly Indica hybrid, so its effect is much more physical and sedative, while the flavours are more earthy and reminiscent of fine hashish. The flowering time is similar for both varieties, and in terms of structure, Easy Haze is a taller plant, particularly outdoors. Black Bomb has denser, harder buds, which make it less suitable for outdoor growing in humid climates. It really depends on what you're looking for, really. I hope that helps, all the best!



    hi guys :). I am looking for help for me and my girl. i am from France

    10-03-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi mate,

    We'll be glad to help in any way we can. What is the problem?




    Got 2/3 seeds pop and grew out perfectly identical. Great stable strain. Cloned 4 of each and now on 4th gen clones, still stable as. Loves cropping, topping and any nutes. Cant kill em. Great work GuysnGals on the breeding, slightly more sativa in the leaves than your pic but very similar..

    06-05-2016 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hi Hulfy,

    Thanks a lot for your excellent review, we love you guys letting us know about our seeds!! ;)

    All our best wishes!

    ashley uhlman


    I live in Nova Scotia Canada and would like to purchase some k13 haze seeds whats the fastest and most painless way to make this happen

    08-08-2014 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

    Hello friend ashley at this website are our seeds www.alchimiaweb.com and sent to Canada regards

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