Jack Herer

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  • Genotype: 50% Indica - 50% Sativa
  • Taste and smell: Wood, incense, fruity, earthy, nuances Skunk and Haze
  • Effects: Happiness, enthusiasm, euphoria, energizing
  • Flowering: 50-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September beginning of October
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High

Jack Herer Genetics

Who hasn't heard about Jack Herer? Whether that be because of the famous American activist or the fabulous strain created in his honor by Sensi Seeds, the name Jack Herer has become a true legend of the cannabis world. Supposedly a cross between Haze, Skunk and a high quality Northern Lights, this strain has won countless cups thanks to its delicious and complex flavor, as well as its uplifting high, which is one of a kind for many.

Jack Herer Cultivation

  • Highly valued Sativa effect
  • Aroma of incense with Skunk notes
  • Robust and vigorous growth
  • Ideal for breeding

Jack Herer represents the best one can expect from a high quality Indica-Sativa hybrid. Its growth is vigorous and worthy of the most powerful Sativas, while during flowering it produces tight buds covered in thick resin, like the best Indicas. A strain that brings together the best of both worlds.

Approximately a quarter of these specimens have a different phenotype: more compact, sturdy, and with an Indica structure, as well as a slightly shorter flowering time (8-9 weeks) than the Sativa phenotype, which needs about 10 weeks to fully mature indoors and that, attention, can treble its height during bloom.

Interestingly, Jack Herer doesn't exude a strong smell during flowering, something that makes its cultivation ideal for outdoor and guerrilla growing, but you need to be careful... because once it’s dried and cured, it offers an intense Haze aroma that will delight the lovers of this type of terpene profiles.

Jack Herer Taste and Effects

Jack Herer's taste and aroma are real delicacies for the palate; with hints of spices, wood, incense and Skunk, and earthy and fruity notes, all of it over a clearly Haze background that has made this strain a true champion in competitions all over the world.

A legendary strain

Jack Herer is known all over the world for its positive and mood-enhancing effects, which makes it a favourite for many for daily use

Another major asset of the Jack Herer, which has earned this specimen an army of fans, is its stimulating and inspiring high, ideal for creative activities and socializing. A warm sensation accompanied by an immediate mood enhancement that lasts a long time.

Properties of Jack Herer

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