Amnesia XXL Auto

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  • Genetics: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Auto
  • Genotype : Sativa dominance
  • Flavour & aroma: Lemon, pine, incense, Haze
  • Effects: Psychoactive, paranoia, anxiety, dry mouth
  • Full Cycle: 60-65 days
  • Indoor Yield: 450-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 100-250 g/planta
  • THC: High
  • Amnesia XXL Auto Genetics

    • XXL size sativa auto
    • Resistant to fungi
    • High nutrients demand
    • Taste of incense and powerful effect

    Amnesia XXL Auto is a third-generation autoflowering strain, and one of those plants thanks to which autos are today on everyone's lips. Its yields and THC levels are worthy of many photoperiodic seeds; the aroma is true to the original Amnesia used to create this autoflowering sativa-dominant hybrid.

    Automatic and XXL version of a true classic!

    Amnesia XXL Auto Cultivation

    Growing high quality autos like this is a real pleasure; besides being very easy to grow, it can reach 1.70 meters high and produce over 150g per plant.

    Its structure is typically sativa, with a significant internodal distance and a size beyond the reach of many autos. It grows vigorously, something to bear in mind when growing indoors, where it could need techniques such as LST.

    The buds are large and look like foxtails, typical of the sativas, which is a great advantage for outdoor growing, as this type of flowers are much less likely to develop fungi such as botrytis.

    A fast plant (total life cycle of 75-90 days) and very resistant to moisture, it’s ideal for areas with harsh climates.

    XXL producer in auto format

    Few autoflowering strains are so generous and have such a powerful effect, suitable for veterans only!

    It needs frequent watering without flooding the substrate (a mixture of ⅔ quality soil and ⅓ coco coir works great). Ideally, you should use at least 10L of substrate, so it can develop without restrictions. It might need more nutrients than other strains, something it will compensate with an indoor yield of around 500g/m2.

    Amnesia XXL Auto taste and effects

    Amnesia XXL´s aroma and flavor are true to the original Amnesia, with some delicious notes of wood, incense, lemon and pine resin that linger after a long process of curing, something every cultivator appreciates.

    Its effect is a very strong and powerful cerebral high with psychedelic hints. This strain is quite psychoactive and it’s only recommended for experienced smokers and lovers of this type of sensations. A long-lasting effect that will make you fly high!

    Properties of Amnesia XXL Auto

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