Apple Fritter

THC 30%. Psychoactive euphoria

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  • Genetics: Apple Fritter x Animal Cookies
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Aromas and flavours: Sweet, fruity, apple, sugary, creamy, sour
  • Effects: Euphoric, cheerful, social, wellness and relaxation
  • Indoors flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Outdoors harvest: October
  • Indoors yield: High (500g per m2)
  • Outdoors yield: High (>700g per plant)
  • THC content: Very high (30%)

Philosopher Seeds presents Apple Friter seeds in limited edition, a backcross of the famous Apple Fritter US variety, with sweet and fruity apple terpene and high THC content.

  • THC level of 30%
  • Productive
  • Sweet fruity terpene
  • Euphoric high

Apple Fritter, (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies) x Animal Cookies

Apple Fritter has been a household name in the US since awarded second place in the 2016 California High Times Cannabis Cup, hybrid category. Since then, it has only spread its fame in the most underground grower circles thanks to its reputation and great characteristics.

Apple Fritter is the flagship strain of its Californian breeder Lumpy's Flowers, with a work that focuses mainly on the pursuit of exotic aromas and high THC levels.

Apple Fritter is a hybrid born from the Diesel and Cookies families, a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Sour Apple parental is the Top Shelf cut (Sour Diesel x C99), with sweet apple aromas, and Animal Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG) with earthy and sugary aromas. Both parentals contribute with high THC contents.

Apple Fritter is only available as a cutting (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies). Philosopher Seeds has decided to cross it again with the parental Animal Cookies making a backcross (BX), variety also available as limited edition.

Apple Fritter, productive cannabis with creamy aroma

Apple Fritter offers aromas reminiscent of apple pie, where creamy, sweet and sugar flavours stand out. We can also find specimens with an earthy background and more acidic tones with a cinnamon hint. Certainly, a variety to enjoy in the mouth, with a very pleasant smoke appreciated by the most demanding palates.

Apple Fritter is a mostly Indica hybrid which adapts easily to small spaces. It is a contained plant perfect for SOG growing. In organic and hydro cultivation behaves excellently, preferring light fertilisers with no salt’s accumulation in the substrate.

Apple Fritter has a flowering period of about 9 weeks indoors, with a yield that can exceed 500g of dry buds in 120cm x 120cm grow tent. Outdoors, during the first 10 days of October completes maturation outdoors (Europe). Provided with a good mix rich in organic matter and cultivated in open ground it can exceed 700g of dry weight, reaching a large size.

Apple Fritter appreciates tutoring. The buds fatten consistently during the final stretch, reaching good weight and density, so that the main branches may have difficulty to stand upright. As the temperature towards the end of flowering decreases, Apple Fritter acquires beautiful purple or even blue hues, which enhances the beauty of the specimens.

Due to the flower density and size, in climates with high humidity during the flowering period, the buds can be affected by botrytis.

Apple Fritter, euphoric effect, and high THC level

Apple Fritter offers a relaxing and very pleasant effect, with a noted active social and euphoric high, even getting to feel the adrenaline. Apple Fritter, cultivated under optimal conditions and harvested at optimum maturity, it can offer a THC level up to 30%. Dry mouth, physical heaviness and drowsiness episodes are guaranteed in users with low tolerance, even bad trip. Always with caution, it is certainly a variety to end the day and relax.

Apple Fritter produces a large amount of dense resin and sweet terpene, with qualities totally desirable to produce any type of extraction such as dry hashish, Iceolator or Rosin, with great returns and very good texture.

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