Banana Zkittlez Auto

Banana Zkittlez Auto, huge central bud

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  • Genetics: Zkittlez x Banana OG Auto
  • Genotype: Indica / Sativa
  • Aroma and flavour: Fruity, Banana, Kiwi
  • Effects: Physically relaxing
  • Full cycle: 10-11 weeks
  • Indoor yield: High (500g per m2)
  • Outdoor yield: High (120g per plant)
  • THC: High
  • Tropical banana and kiwi terpenes
  • Big central cola
  • Productive and resinous cannabis
  • Strong and easy to cultivate plant

Banana Zkittlez Auto is a cannabis genetics with a generous production that develops a large central cola made up of aromatic flowers with fruity banana and kiwi terpenes. It is now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue at Philosopher Seeds.

Zkittlez x Banana OG Auto genetics

Banana Zkittlez Auto is the encounter between the famous Zkittlez and Banana OG Auto. After several generations of crosses, the Auto gene is fixed, and maintains the tropical terpene, production, and ease of cultivation. It is perfect for growers with not much experience and enjoy the best buds.

Banana Zkittlez Auto, huge central bud

Banana Zkittlez Auto is a strong plant with a compact development and easy cultivation. It develops a robust trunk and short secondary ramification, with a powerful central branch where most of the production is focused. It is a plant with a high cannabinoid and resin content, which covers a large part of the leaves adjacent to the flowers.

Due to its morphology, with a large central bud, it is an ideal plant to grow with the SOG technique.

Banana Zkittlez Auto presents a total cycle time of about 70-80 days from seed germination. It rewards the grower with a generous yield especially rich in resin and terpenes. During the last 15-20 days of flowering, the buds have just formed and reach their maximum density, resulting in large, fleshy flowers completely covered in glandular heads. Thanks to its calyx-leaf ratio, it is a very easy and quick variety to manicure.

Once the seed has germinated, it is advisable to perform a single transplant to the final location/pot. If using a pot, it should have a minimum capacity of 10L, always applying a substrate rich in organic matter and a spongy texture.

Banana Zkittlez Auto, banana and kiwi aromas

Banana Zkittlez Auto flowers, after harvest and curing, offer an incredible appearance, with large fleshy calyxes and an enormous amount of trichomes.

Banana Zkittlez Auto gives off a strong fruity aroma, where green banana and kiwi are offered on a floral component. The effects are Indica, relaxing body and mind, and suitable to end the day or for those exempt from obligations due to its strong contemplative effect.

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