Bubble Gum x Purple Punch

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch
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  • Genetics: Bubble Gum x Purple Punch
  • Genotype: Indica hybrid
  • Flavour and aroma: Chewing gum, sweet, floral, exotic
  • Effects: Euphoria, relaxing, joy
  • Flowering period: 56-63 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Late September - early October
  • Yield: 500g per m2
  • THC: High

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch genetics

  • High resin production
  • Sweet and gourmet aroma
  • Rich in terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Optimal for extractions

We are glad to present Bubble Gum x Purple Punch, a feminised cannabis variety ideal for resin extraction and sweet-tasting marijuana strains lovers. It is a great combination between two highly regarded varieties with these characteristics.

This variety embodies the encounter between two eras of the cannabis world. On the one hand an Old School Bubble Gum line, selected for its high resin production and a sweet and fruity aroma. It is a variety that was very popular in Dutch coffee shops in the 90s - 2000.

On the other hand a Purple Punch clone, a new school variety. It is a plant characterised by its colours and a delicious pastry aroma. Purple Punch is one of the most popular varieties in US cannabis dispensaries.

The result is a genuine resin bomb with a super gourmet aroma, with fleshy and sticky buds whitened by a thick resin layer.

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch cultivation

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch is an Indica dominant hybrid. It produces fairly compact and bushy plants. It is a variety that adapts well to any cultivation method and substrate.

It has a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks, with the harvest ready outdoors in late September and early October. In outdoor cultivation it is recommended to protect the dense and compact buds from rain by growing the plants in greenhouses, particularly in areas with an unfavourable climate such as northern Europe.

A marijuana variety with a sweetie flavour
Bubble Gum x Purple Punch is a resin extraction champion, offering a maximum trichomes and terpenes production

It provides an excellent flower production, with a yield of up to 500g per m2 in optimal growing conditions. It produces fleshy and dense flowers with a flower/leaf ratio that greatly facilitates the manicuring work.

Its high resin production makes it an excellent candidate for extracting any type of marijuana concentrate, offering large returns of top quality resin rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch flavour and effects

Bubble Gum harvest is very resinous and rich in terpenes, offering an intoxicating and desirable aroma with sweet, floral, fruity and exotic notes on a spicy and earthy background.

Bubble Gum x Purple Punch produces an effect that initiates with a slight euphoria feeling that progresses rapidly to a calmer and more relaxed stage that facilitates resting.

It is a must for marijuana and resin lovers who enjoy sweet and intense aromas.

Properties of Bubble Gum x Purple Punch

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