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  • Genetics: Banana OG
  • Genotype : Indica/Sativa
  • Taste and smell: Sweet, fruity, banana, earthy
  • Effects : Powerful, narcotic
  • Indoor flowering : 9 -10 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering : October
  • Indoor Yield : High (450g/m2)
  • Outdoor yield : High (500g/plant)
  • THC content : Very high (up to 34%)
  • Can exceed 30% THC
  • Sweet, fruity, banana, earthy aroma
  • excellent resin
  • Very relaxing and narcotic effect

Philosopher Seeds presents its new variety C.Banana, a genetic only available in limited feminized edition. C.Banana has an exquisite aroma of ripe banana and a high THC content. The seeds are now available on the Philosopher Seeds website.

C.Banana, champion American marijuana

C.Banana became popular due to its cannabinoid content, close to 34% THC . C.Banana was developed by the California company Utopia Farms created in 2014, and to date it has won many awards (more than thirty) in the most prestigious competitions in the USA such as Emerald Cup, Chalice, Santa Cruz, Hempcon or High Times. Cannabis Cup.

C.Banana is born from Banana and OG Kush varieties. Utopia called the hybrid Banana OG, but after getting 3rd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015, it was called C.Banana, and it became the sales leader.

Gassy and tight buds

C.Banana is a productive variety, it meets the expectations in yield and quality with an average of 450g/m2 indoors in approximately 9 weeks, and it adapts perfectly to any type of substrate.
In outdoor cultivation, it appreciates sunny locations and space in its roots. It is an easy task to get large plants and high production, with a dry weight of 500g per plant .
C.Banana develops very compact buds from which a large amount of fat emanates, which even covers a large part of its leaves, with an ideal composition for all kinds of extractions such as dryhash, iceolator or rosin.

Marijuana with sweet aromas of ripe banana

C.Banana gives off a very fruity aroma, thanks to its Banana heritage it develops a ripe banana terpene in the mouth and a strong sugary component, accompanied by a slight earthy background. Its OG lineage contributes to the hybrid by adding body and increasing the density of bud and resin.

C.Banana, marijuana with more than 30% THC

According to the THC tests, C.Banana is within the 30% THC barrier, with results of up to 34%, making it a highly potent marijuana genetics , not recommended for occasional users. C.Banana is extremely relaxing and can be treacherous if we have not experimented with it before, caution is recommended, as it is not compatible with most daily tasks.

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