Hardcore Gelato

Tropical flavoured and sweet hashish cannabis 

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  • Genetics:(Sunset Sherbet x Gelato #33) x (Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos)
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Flavour and aroma: tropical, creamy, kushy, sweet hashish
  • Effect: Socialising, relaxing, mental alertness
  • Indoor flowering: 8-9weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Indoor yield: Medium/High (>500g per m2)
  • Outdoor yield: Medium/High (>600g per plant)
  • THC content: Very high

Hardcore Gelato is possibly one of the most resinous and powerful Gelato variety available today. It also offers a creamy tropical terpene and very refined sweet Kushy hashish aromas. This variety is now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue at Philosopher Seeds.

  • One of the most potent and resinous Gelato hybrids
  • Tropical, creamy Kushy and sweet hashish aromas
  • Colourful purple colourations
  • Mental alertness and physical relaxation
  • High THC

Hardcore Gelato, (Sunset Sherbet x Gelato 33) x (Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos)

Hardcore Gelato is the encounter between Sunset Sherbet x Gelato 33 and Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos one of the most cultivated Philosopher Seeds strains of recent times.

Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos, the father (reversed female) enhances the glandular quality in the descendants and the tropical aroma. A hybrid which parentals offer a great genetic similarity. Sunset Sherbet is the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, also delivering a tropical terpene. It is direct relative of Key Lime Pie, a Cookies selection. Gelato Larry Bird clone (#33) is also descended from Cookies family yet it is notable for its sweet hashish aromas and Kushy bouquet.

Hardcore Gelato, productive, colourful Gelato

Hardcore Gelato presents a good stretching. The first weeks after flowering, it increases considerably in size. It is very suitable for SOG cultivation, thus 12 plants can be cultivated in 100cm x 100cm or 120cm x 120cm area obtaining productions with good yields without a long vegetative period. Certainly saving time and light consumption.

Hardcore Gelato, towards the end of flowering, usually acquires purple and red tones, sometimes very dark, offering a very attractive flower appearance. Thanks to its low leaf ratio, it is an easy and fast to harvest cannabis plant. It produces a yield of up to 500g per m2 indoors in about 9 weeks. Outdoors, under optimal conditions and enough direct sun, easily produces high yields of over 600 g per plant.

It produces compact flowers, so the buds yield in weight, even the smaller ones. It also delivers a sea of resin of a quality difficult to find in many other Gelato phenotypes.

Hardcore Gelato, stimulating cannabis with tropical flavour

Hardcore Gelato produces some really special and refined aromas. Sunset Sherbert x Gelato 33 and Key Lime Pie provide creamy and tropical aromas with sweet hashish undertones, while Do-Si-Dos adds body and rounds off the exceptional bouquet.

Hardcore Gelato is a potent strain. It can easily exceed a THC level up to 25% thanks to the Do-Si-Dos inheritance. It uplifts the mood and stimulates the mind causing a feeling of being in control. Over time, physical relaxation sets in while maintaining mental alertness when not overused, otherwise it can become drowsy.

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