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Lemon OG Candy

High-yielding strain great for recreational use

Lemon OG Candy info:

  • Genetics: Amnesia Haze x Super Lemon OG
  • Sativa - Indica content: 65%-35%
  • Indoor flowering: 60-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest (Northern hemisphere): early-mid October
  • Outdoor harvest (Southern hemisphere): early-mid April
  • Indoor yield: 500-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 500-2000 g/plant
  • THC: 20%
  • CBG: 1% 
1 seed 8.00 €
3 seeds 21.00 €
5 seeds 32.50 €
25 seeds 125.00 €


Lemon OG Candy was created by crossing an elite Super Lemon OG clone with a selection of the renowned Amnesia Haze. The resulting offspring is especially vigorous during the vegetative period.

Lemon OG Candy has a high content in cannabinoids and sticky trichomes that release an overwhelming citrus scent.

Cultivation of Lemon OG Candy

Lemon OG Candy grows fast and slender, so it doesn’t need a prolonged growth period before switching the photoperiod to bloom.

During the test crops we obtained excellent results by germinating the seeds under a 12/12 photoperiod in 3.5L pots, which gives an idea of the potential of this variety.

It is easy to grow and resistant to pests, ideal for novice growers.

Taste and effects

The smell and taste remind of the best Haze, lemony and with delicious earthy and spicy undertones.

The effect is mainly cerebral and euphoric, a must for any recreational user. It highly enhances creativity and improves mood, perfect for chilling with friends.



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Got this as a freebie, 2 seeds, both popped and were female. I left them in the Veg room for 2 weeks, where they grew to about 10" in total right. I had one tall pheno, which is especially vigorous. The other I threw in about 2 weeks into my Chocolate Mint grow as a test crop for my next round... This thing performed wayyyy beyond expectation producing almost 2 oz off a maybe 18-20" overall slender beauty. The smell and taste is citrus greatness And you can't deny that haze lineage really shines thru in the profile. I'm gonna be honest here. When I started these seeds it was more of a "ehh these been kicking around in my collection a while I'm jus gonna pop em And flower them and c what happens" kinda thing. Within the first week or two I knew this strain was something special. After a few days in the flower room I decided, I'd be an idiot not to keep that tall beautiful pheno as a mother to keep these genetics around and damn am I glad I did. I now have a Lemon OG Candy x God Bud (God Candy OG) which is showing some serious promise, and a Chocolate Mint OG x Lemon OG Candy x GG#4 ( we pheno hunted for about 6 months before finding a GG#4 male that exhibited that nasty pungent yet sweet smell I've come to love about the GG) that cross is absolutely out of this world, as it just tested upwards of 30% in a private run lab we use in my area. I do this out of love for the process mostly and the rewarding feeling of growing and creating something beyond expectation.... My world wouldn't be complete without this strain. Same goes for Chocolate Mint OG.

23-10-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:


That sounds amazing!! I mean, we'd love to see some of the offspring from our Lemon OG Candy, do not hesitate to share some pics! ;)

We're so glad you're happy with it, can't wait for you to try some of the hybrids we're currently developing, we'll bring some true fire in 2019!

We wish you all the best mate, hope we'll talk soon!




Hi, it's a regular or fem ? Thanks

18-06-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi! Is a feminized! Thanks!



Hey, guys! Please! Can i get cannabinoids profile of Lemon Og Candy?

01-06-2018 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi An! You'll find it at the end of the data sheet in our website. Regards!

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