Chem Kush

Potency, resin, and terpenes

Chem Kush

Potency, resin, and terpenes

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  • Genetics: UK Cheese x Bubba Kush
  • Genotype: Indica/Sativa
  • Aroma and flavour: Gassy, earth, Skunk
  • Effects: Powerful, narcotic
  • Indoor flowering: 65-80 days
  • Outdoor harvest: September/October
  • Indoor yield: High
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • THC: Very High

Chem Kush is a mouth-watering variety, the encounter between GMO x Bubba Kush. The THC level and the trichomes are the main appeal of this high yielding Indica strain. It is now available in 5 feminised seed packs in our Philosopher Seeds catalogue.

Genetics, GMO x Bubba Kush

Its two parentals are not referents in the cannabis scene. Both varieties with a production of cannabinoids and trichomes out of the ordinary. GMO aka Chem Cookies is a high yielding plant very suitable to all types of cultivation and methods. In produces a huge amount of high quality resin.

Bubba Kush, Afghan Kush (Landrace) x OG Kush, is a variety very marked by its Indica genotype, with a low structure and short internodal distance. It produces a large amount of fleshy and very hard flowers. It offers a maximum THC level of 29%.

At harvest time it delivers flowers as beautiful and hard as quartz stones, covered with a thick white resin layer.

Chem Kush by Philosopher Seeds, cultivation

Growing Chem Kush is very rewarding, not only because of the good calyx to leaf ratio, but also because of the ease of cultivation. It presents a great Indica character, with plants of short stature and internodal distance.

Indoors Chem Kush is perfect for multiple cultivation with only a few weeks of growth, thus SOG cultivation is ideal for this strain. Its production is high and is ready to harvest in about 60-65 days from its change to flowering. Outdoors, the secondary ramification increase in vigour, taking the structure of a small shrub. It offers a high production ready to harvest in mid-October.

Chem Kush, flavours and effects, complete relaxation

Chem Kush aroma is very marked by the earthy flavour of its parentals. It can be defined as a dry taste, with some fruity and sweet undertones.

Its high cannabinoid production makes this variety a great choice for THC and couch-lock lovers. The effect is potent and narcotic, making the body completely relaxed, giving free rein to the user ramblings.

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