SOG marijuana grow

The Sea of Green technique is an excellent option to grow some of the varieties of the Philosopher Seeds catalog. Actually, it is the recommended method for growing strains like Black Bomb, Amnesika 2.0 and Orange Candy. With this growing system, we use as many plants as possible per square metre, either seeds or clones. Since only one strain is used, we can say it is a cannabis monoculture.

In this way, the flowering stage is started with just around 15 days from seedling, since we want relatively small plants that create a uniform and homogeneous sea of green.

Philosopher Seeds
Philosopher Seeds seedlings for a SOG crop

To use this growing technique, using clones or quality feminised seeds is ideal, this is why Philosopher Seeds offers 25-seed packs especially for SOG setups.

Philosopher Seeds
Special packs for SOG

Usually, 20-30 plants - in 3-5 litre pots - per square metre are used in SOG setups. Most growers use some kind of Light Mix substrate, while others use coco and add nutrients to their solution from the very first watering. With this type of setup we don't need much growth, and the nutrients used should not contain high amounts of Nitrogen.

Amnesika 2.0 for SOG

The Amnesika 2.0 marijuana is a cross between two renowned varieties, a productive and early flowering Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze hybrid that develops a huge main cola. To successfully grow the Amnesika 2.0 in a SOG setup we'll have to prune the lower branches to enhance bud development in the main stem. The smell is sweet and the taste clearly reminds of hazelnuts, being intense and long lasting. The effect is pleasant and very special.

Philosopher Seeds
2012 Expogrow Cup for Amnesika 2.0

Strain info:

  • Genetics: Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze
  • 70% Sativa - 30% Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest (Northern hemisphere): early October
  • Outdoor harvest (Southern hemisphere): early April
  • Indoor yield: 350-450 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 350-450 gr/plant

Amnesika 2.0 from Philosopher Seeds on Vimeo.

Orange Candy for Sea of Green

The Orange Candy cannabis variety has Indica structure and a very fast flowering period. As the name suggests, it is truly an orange candy. This strain is also suitable for medicinal purposes due its cannabinoid ratio, being very stable and uniform in height.

It is ideal to make top grade extractions (either by using or not using solvents) thanks to the high amount of terpenes inherited from one of its parents, the legendary New York City Diesel cut from Soma Seeds. A joint work carried out by Philosopher Seeds and Jimmy from Reggae Seeds.

Philosopher Seeds
Orange Candy in Sea of Green

Philosopher Seeds
Orange Candy SOG at the end of the flowering stage

Strain info:

  • Genetics: Naran J x Tropimango
  • 65% Sativa - 35% Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest (Northern hemisphere): early October
  • Outdoor harvest (Southern hemisphere): early April
  • Indoor yield: 350-450 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 500-600 gr/plant

Black Bomb for SOG

The Black Bomb marijuana is the most Indica strain from Philosopher's catalog. It is a hybrid between the Black Domina from Sensi Seeds and Soma's Somango. An explosive mix of tropical flavours where you can find phenotypes with melon taste. The effect is typical from many Dutch hybrids, body relaxing but perfect to chill with friends.

The flowering period is relatively short, being harvested after just 60 days of bloom. For best results, plants should have a growth period of about 2-3 weeks before changing the photoperiod to bloom.

Philosopher Seeds
Black Bomb grown in SOG

Strain info:

  • 3rd prize Indoor Bio at 2012 M.F. cannabis club Cup
  • Genetics: Black Domina'98 x Tropimango
  • 20% Sativa - 80% Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 55-60 days
  • Outdoor harvest (Northern hemisphere): early October
  • Outdoor harvest (Southern hemisphere): early April
  • Indoor yield: 400-500 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 400-600 gr/plant

Black Bomb from Philosopher Seeds on Vimeo.

Advantages of the SOG technique

The Sea of Green method presents several advantages over other growing techniques, and using it one can get quality harvests easily and quickly. These are some of the advantages:

  • Needed time to finish the crop
  • Maximum efficiency (space/power consumption)
  • Maximum uniformity in plants

Now that you know the advantages of the SOG technique, you just need your seeds and substrate to fill your pots to quickly achieve excellent harvests!

Philosopher Seeds seedbank offers 25-seed packs of all its cannabis varieties so you can start your SOG crop whenever you want. Early Maroc is the only strain without this SOG pack since it is especially recommended for outdoor crops.

Happy harvests!!

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