San Fernando Valley OG x Do-si-Dos is discontinued

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San Fernando Valley OG x Do-si-Dos

A surge of tasty and relaxing resin

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  • Genetics: SFV OG x Do-Si-Dos
  • Genotype : Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Flavour & aroma: citrus, earthy, hash, fuel, spices, sweet confectionery
  • Flowering: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October
  • Yield: 500 g/m2
  • THC: High

SFV OG x Do-Si-Dos

Now available as a Limited Edition from Philosopher Seeds - SFV OG x Do-Si-Dos, a powerful Kush hybrid with touches of the best US Cookies strains.

This cross was created to obtain an extremely resinous and powerful plant, ideal both for lovers of resin extractions and for those who are looking for tasty and potent flowers, with a penetrating, sweet, and exotic citrus aroma.

The result is a plant with a Kush structure, developing a large central cola surrounded by multiple secondary branches, acquiring a bushy appearance if we apply pruning and training techniques, exceeding 2m in height if we sow it in the ground.

SFV OG x Do-Si-Dos genetics

The “male” side of this hybrid is a reversed elite clone of the Do-Si-Dos (NorCal ICMag Cut), a cross between OGKB (an extremely potent phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies) and the infamous Face / Off OG created by Archive Seeds Bank.

This geneticcombinationresults in robust, strong plants, which grow vigorously and are easy to cultivate, readily adapting to all types of cultivation techniques and substrates, and responding well to pruning.

It naturally develops a pyramidal hybrid structure with abundant branchingand a large central cola that stands above, and it is easily trained to grow in SCROG or even as Sea Of Green.

Its flowering period lasts about 60 days, in which time the plants quickly fillwith rock-hard flowers covered in large, shiny resin heads, making this a perfect variety for cannabis concentrates and extractions, offering heavy yields of highly aromatic resin.

It has a sweet flavour and aroma, offering a complex and penetrating terpene profile that combines fruity and earthy touches with citric, floral nuances, flooding the palate with each toke.

Its effect is very strong, with a psychedelic high accompanied by an intense and pleasant physical relaxation, fast-acting and long-lasting, thanks to its high levels of THC.

The female used comes from a selection of SFV OG, an extremely powerful and resinous OG Kush variant, highly valued by lovers of Kush genetics.

This hybrid has a marked vertical growth, developing plenty of strong but flexible branches with large internode distance, acquiring a bushy appearance and easily reaching a height of more than 2m if sown outdoors in open ground.

It is an easy variety to grow, performing well both indoors and outdoors, developing numerous branches that end up covered with dense buds during bloom, giving the plant a truly impressive appearance.

The mature plants can be harvested after 9 weeks of flowering, delivering a yield that easily reaches 500 g per m2of round, hard buds caked with sticky and very aromatic resin.

Its terpene profile is unique, offering penetrating and intense aromas, mixing citric lemon nuances with notes of fuel and earth, which are greatly enhanced if we consume it in a cannabis vaporiser.

As for its effect, it is very strong, both physically and mentally, mixing intense psychedelic euphoria with strong body relaxation, which increases with the passing of time or if we consume more of it.

Properties of San Fernando Valley OG x Do-si-Dos

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